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Gyrostarr challenges you and up to three additional players to pilot your ships through a series of twisting, turning technoplasma tracks while battling a variety of deadly alien foes at ever-increasing speeds.

While fighting and maneuvering, you must collect enough energy to activate the ancient warpgate at the end of each track. Succeed, and you can journey to the next, even deadlier track. Fail, and the gate will slam shut, destroying your ship. Enhance your ship with weapon pickups, coordinate attacks with your friends to fire powerful combined blasts and use your grapple to snag energy and pickups in the midst of combat.

Control your ship with the Wii Remote controller, Nunchuk controller or Classic Controller, or use the "paired" control system that allows two players to use a connected Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Classic Controller at the same time. Offering 50 levels of intense action, powerful pickups, high-speed bonus levels and mayhem for up to four players, Gyrostarr is a killer arcade challenge.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Will you master the warp gate or lose it all in this technoplasma fuelled shooter?

There has been no shortage of hype surrounding the release of High Voltage's new Tempest-style shooter Gyrostarr. The only problem with having that kind of hype is that the game ultimately has to attempt to live up to it. After complaints of Star Soldier...

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News: USA WiiWare Update: Gyrostarr

USA WiiWare Update: Gyrostarr

As promised in the press release the other day, Gyrostarr is indeed out today in North America. For the bargain price of 700 Wii points this should be well worth a look we think.

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News: Gyrostarr Hits WiiWare This Monday!

Gyrostarr Hits WiiWare This Monday!

This is the news you have all been waiting for, after much ado you will finally be able to get your hands on Gyrostarr on Monday, well if you are in North America. For those not in the know this looks like a even more frantic version of Tempest, and it is one of the most eagerly anticipated games coming to WiiWare.

At 700 Wii points this is most...

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News: New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr

New WiiWare Game: Gyrostarr

About a week ago, the relatively unknown developer High Voltage Software revealed a Wii game called The Conduit, which is looking surprisingly good for such a small company. That's not all though, they're also working on a WiiWare game. High Voltage exclusively told IGN they're making Gyrostarr.

Gyrostarr seems to feature four ships competing to defeat enemies and collect enough energy to open a..

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User Comments (91)



Stu said:

I like the look of this one!

Reminds me a lot of F-Zero in terms of the visuals and music, but the way you play certainly seems unique.



ToneDeath said:

Like others have said this does look like a mashup of F-zero & Tempest type gameplay. Very good.

I think it'd possibly be cool too to bring back Mach Rider.



Kelvin said:

Looks pretty good. I wonder whether it will be controlled via the pointer, or more traditionally? The ship movement seems a bit wobbly in the trailer, so it might be pointer-based.



XCWarrior said:

After watching that video this will be the first WiiWare game I buy (if it is a launch, it better). I love flight shooters, and this looks great single or multiplayer.



XCWarrior said:

And I am supposed to believe wikipedia b/c? I heard on a podcast from people that actually know something is that it will be out a few weeks after launch. I'll go with that over wiki.... that site is so inaccurate. Anyway, I want the game NOW!



Akantor said:

The video looks promising but I would love to see more clips of gameplay.



Objection said:

700 pts? (what it says) Gotta grab me this Hope that it doesnt get stale after a few levels...but the art is cool. Hope it has online leaderboards and drop in/out multplayer!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Can't wait for it to come out next week. I'm getting it over Star Soldier R. Seems to have more depth for the same price. And I thought it was 800? Did I hear wrong?



Knux said:

Gyrostar costs 700 points and Star Soldier R costs 800 points.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh, well this just made things more interesting for me. I've bene planning out my purchases, considering point values and I planned everything considering Gyrostarr was 800. This is good. Thanks for the verificiation.



Kenji510 said:

I found the release date for this game for the wiiware at the IGN website and here it is and hope its true and the real final date too... check the link below too and it says it all.

Published by: High Voltage Software

Developed by: High Voltage Software

Genre: Shooter
Release Date:
US: May 26, 2008

More info: http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14249020.html



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep. They keep saying it's one date then they keep bumping it back (for WiiWare specifically). It's not reliable at all. I really hope Gyrostarr's coming real soon, though.



Objection said:

I'd take Gyrostarr easily over Dr Mario and even over Toki Tori (but its still good!) for next week if I was magic president of Wiiware/VC



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Gyrostarr is my second-most anticipated WiiWare title, after Plattchen. I can't wait!

It's been rated by the ESRB so I expect June 2nd and if Toki Tori/Helix makes the cut instead, then June 9th, hopefully.



Corbs said:

Talk about eye candy! This should be a great title. If it plays half as good as it looks, we're all in for quite a treat with this one.



KnucklesSonic8 said:


Guys, this will come to us around June 16th if not sooner (let's hope for sooner!). IGN's lastest podcast reveals that Gyrostarr is now "in Nintendo's hands" so it's just a matter of having them release it on the service. They'll release it sooner if they see more motivation to do so (i.e., people really want it to appear).



Mario1564 said:

This game looks amazing..
I am so going to buy this...
and for only 700 points.. not bad



WindOnFire said:

just wondering...how do u make a picture on your username for WWW?
Oh and yeah, this game looks awesome



WindOnFire said:

This is one of the ones im most excited about, along with Gravitronix,SPOGS racing, World of goo and DYC (Lucky america )



strade32 said:

yes, we Americans are very lucky . i am greatly looking forward to this. i hope it plays well. i will try to buy it the day it gets releases if it is possible.



siavm said:

I hope this game comes out next week or this month. I have been wanting this title ever since I seen it a couple of months ago.



guardian42 said:

This still looks like the best shooter for wiiware so far, and it isn't even released yet!



strade32 said:

it is like Tempest, yet, there are several differences. this game is a completely different experience from Tempest. and i bet it is more fun.



XCWarrior said:

Looks like that May release was total BS. Well my birthday is June 29, I sure hope it comes out before or at least that week. Though if that Earthbound thing was true, that's all I'll need for a good long while.



mjordan100 said:

I sent an e-mail to nintendo recently, and suggest you all do as well requesting this game asap. I got a reply rather quickly, but it didnt really say anything, thought I would post their reply here.

"Hi, great suggestion!

Nintendo loves hearing about the types of products that you would like to see from us in
the future. While there hasn't been an announcement concerning Gyrostarr for WiiWare, you
never know what the future holds!

In the meantime, keep checking our website's "What's New" section
(http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew) for the latest information and announcements.


Nintendo of America Inc.
Barbara Soules"

SO blah...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

mjordan: Sounds like an automated message, honestly. Or at least one they have automatically typed up. As in, replace "Gyrostarr for WiiWare" with something like "Starfox for Wii" or "F-Zero for Wii" and you'll see you'll probably get the same thing.

Come on Nintendo. Can't you say how badly most of us want this game!! This game is gonna be AWESOME!!!



RetroWare said:

I think this game will come out next week, or the first week of July the latest.

STOP keeping us waiting Nintendo! holds fist up towards their name



pApEr_y0sh said:

i am getting this right when it comes out. it could have a great 1 player and amazin multiplayer



mr_niceguy said:

Somehow, I don't think this is Nintendo's fault that it's that it's not here yet, and even if it is, I'm sure they have a good reason for it. I think the best thing to do right now is just trust that it will come out when it comes out and focus on something else. That's how I've gotten through the wait so far, and it's working very well. I haven't tested it on other people though, so if you do try it, tell me if it works or not so I can gauge it's effectiveness, I'll be waiting.



Objection said:

That approach kinda works with VC, if only because I have NO expectations for it anymore bu with Wiiware, I expect at least 1 must-have game in a 2 week period. When Gyrostarr, etc. is done but theyu relase a fishing, bouncing ball, and Pokemon Do nothing game, then it is #$%^&* annoying.



blackknight77 said:

Maybe if everyone acts like they don't want this game then it will finally come out. Reverse psychology



Objection said:

Plattchen? I guess. What would be even better is if our 1 VC game was one everyone was waiting for...hint hint...any of those 3 will do, Ninty! Anyway, i plan to get this...just gotta delete Nin Chan and maybe Net Chan.



Kingston said:

Definite buy, and 700 Wii points... (Eye's turn into dollar signs and a cash register can be heard in the distance).



Peznaze said:

I love when games like these come out - lets you know what old games still have the ol' cache... Qix fared miserably. Will Tempest do better? I think so.



Bensei said:

Will this game satisfy the Tempest fans? Or will it have to be re-named into Gyros-starr?



mr_niceguy said:

Yah, I see what you mean, now that you mention it. Oh well, it's coming out this Monday anyway, now lets just hope we get that one VC game everyone wants. Hmmm...maybe we should try Tony's method? I don't want Earthbound!!!



Slionr said:

I dont know if this game is gonna be awsome yet, but for only 700 wii-points i guess it is worth the download......But first, nintendo gotta fix the storage-problem



Kevin said:

I hope its resolved soon because I'm gonna have to delete vip casino blackjack and pop to make room for it.



XCWarrior said:

As for the storage issue, I haven't even d/l a VC or WiiWare game yet and I'm under 900 blocks left. It's ridiculous. I do have at least Dr. Mario RX demo to dump, seeing as my friend who has the game never gets on. But this problem needs fixed asap!

And I can't wait until the reviews for this game comes out. Here's to hoping for an average score of 85 or better!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Kevin: Deleting VIP Casino Blackjack for an awesome game like this probably isn't a huge loss, even if you DO like the game. xD

I can't wait to get it today.



stinssd said:

Gyrostarr looks like the Sonic 2 Bonus Level and Gradius had a child. Erm. Not sure I want to take a picture of it, let's intersperse text frames in the middle of the video so people don't get too close a look at the kid. Be sure to rrun, rrun awayy from Gyrostarr!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Lol. Sonic 2 FTW!!
And yes, I agree. Can't speak for Gradius though.
Sonic 2's Special stage = Second best special stage ever! I'm glad you found that comparison. It's gonna make me enjoy GS even more.



RoninDennis said:

Looks like an instant download to me! Not to join the chorus, but man! I have only 9 blocks left and still have to get Brawl later this week. What the hell am I going to delete now?!



DrApostropheX said:


Geesh. I sure hope someone mailed Jeff Minter a check or some WiiPoints or something for this one.



marvman3 said:

This is just another "Shooter" that developers can quickly conjure up out of the ashes.
Why can't they just develop new ideas, and concepts out of the monotonous "Sci-Fi" genre?
I will not download this game, as it is just another repetitive shooter that amoung other things, takes up 290 blocks of my valuable space.
Peeps, just wait for SMBRPG, Earthbound or Bomberman.
This aint worth the 700 points.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

ECM provided convincing arguments for saying that the game may in fact not be worth a purchase, however, you don't seem to provide enough support that the game isn't worth it. Of course everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I like hearing negative comments about games at times just to see why people say the things they do.

First off, I don't get how this ISN'T a new idea?



Luigi said:

So fun! The controls are not a problem; you just might need a little time to get a completely comfortable feel of them. The bonus levels are where it could be hard to maneuver, but that's because they're so fast and you have to really work to keep up with them. The game is great! And I recommend you all buy it! The hype was definitely worth it!



chiefeagle02 said:

Ouch...I don't have enough blocks. Ocarina of Time took up more space than I thought it would... The game looks fantastic though.



Luigi said:

marvman, what is wrong with you? The game is very much new and not repetitive at all, and that is a fact that you cannot dispute. In the game, you tilt the Wii Remote or use the control pad or Wii Remote + nunchuk to move around and shoot enemies and collect energy on intense, fast-paced space tracks. In the atmosphere it takes place in, and with the gameplay and objectives, it's not something you see every day. If you want to wait for only SMRPG or Earthbound, you'll be disappointed. And since you haven't even played the game, you have no idea what you're trying to say. You have no room to talk right now, so I suggest you leave.



Dazza said:

I've just been playing this for the past hour and on the whole I have mixed feelings about it. I will say upfront I do not feel that this game will appeal to everyone, however it is still good fun.

Unlike some other commenters, I do not see any online scoreboards. Just 'factory' preset scores which you have to try and beat like an old arcade game.

I find the controls were really easy to pick up, and to me the framerate seems pretty smooth (I am not going to get into the whole 60 FPS debate!). Things do get a bit mental on the bonus stages, so I wouldn't recommend this to epileptics!

I am only up to level 10 at present, so I am not qualified to give a fully informed verdict yet, but I will say I am already finding the gameplay a touch repetitive. There seems to be a distinct lack of challenge and you can shoot the other ships, dodge bullets, use the grapple and collect energy pretty much on auto-pilot.

I don’t want to sound too down on this because I haven’t tried the multiplayer options yet, and there is no denying that it is fun in short bursts. This is old-skool twitch arcade gaming. You have to react quick and hold onto your score multiplier. I am going to persist with it, I love games like Tempest and this has the same addictive pull for me. Something still hasn’t really clicked for me with this game yet however, so I honestly cannot say if the hype was justified.



strade32 said:

this game is great. and how can you say this idea isn't new? it is completely new.



Terra said:

I'm starting to get rather annoyed that Europe haven't got this yet. I have tried to be patient with this. We still haven't even got V.I.P Blackjack. HVS better not be deliberately neglecting Europe.




Terra said:

They Better not do the same thing when it comes to The Conduit or i will be really F****** P****D off with them. I got repeatedly frustrated with Brawl's release date



playner said:

This is the least played game on my system. I don't even have it on it anymore. It was fun for about ten minutes and then became super repetitive. I is way boring unless you like doing the same things over and over again. I give this game a 3/10 and not worth the money.



Terra said:

I tried emailing HVS to see if they could shed some light on a European release date. Unfortunately, it didn't go through (5 Times i tried). This is starting to get even more on my nerves



zombiekillr said:

@wiiman192- if they ruin The Conduit... which doesn't look very likely at the moment do to all the praise they are getting..... they're screwed... and this game... i was expecting so much more for it. its fun for a couple minutes but after that... eh



Terra said:

If they don't release The Conduit here or they delay it for ages in Europe, i'll be mightily annoyed with them. A Small delay, say, a month would be fine but more than a couple of months and i'll get P****d off again, like when Europe had to wait ages for Brawl



Terra said:

With recent comments in the latest HVS interview, it's looking unlikely that this will appear soon here. (Goes to smash everything in sight)



MexicanJonny10 said:

looks awesome, not a real shooter fan (except for run'n'gun shooting) but this looks a little bit different...which is a good thing

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