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Fri 6th Jun 2008

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guardian42 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Onslaught and Pop-Up Pirate!:

Hmm, haven't seen a FPS with a score counter in a while!
While the single player affair looks simple and fun, the online modes and control are the factors that really make this title shine.
I'm crossing my fingers!



guardian42 commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

Hey peoples,
I wanna thank you all for your AWESOME comments!
Great to be a part of WiiWare World and enjoy the best Wii has to offer.



guardian42 commented on Review: Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame (WiiWare):

I know it's cheap,small, and fun, but we've seen this game many different times in different styles online. Do we really need to fork over 500 Wii Points for it? I imagine one can find the same game on the Opera Browser and play it for free.



guardian42 commented on Even More Onslaught Screens Break Cover:

True size restrictions could cripple this game from the beginning, but remember old games like Quake? Quake is right around 33 Mb. And we've seen great shooters on the DS! It is possible they could keep it within the limits and release something of high caliber. True the game won't be long, but that's to be expected. My biggest hopes is that they look at the shooters that have great control (MoH:H2 and MP:3) and bring that to Onslaught.



guardian42 commented on Gyrostarr:

This still looks like the best shooter for wiiware so far, and it isn't even released yet!