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Mon 23rd Jun 2008

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marvman3 commented on Imagination Is The Only Escape May Be Coming T...:

Interesting plot, great character art, a side to the war no game has quite possibly ever talked about, and a very reassuring moral degree of society's look on chaos as well.
This is why and how WiiWare should be lead into,
and what it was made for.
May this be WiiWare's most momentous and groundbreaking game yet.



marvman3 commented on Gyrostarr:

This is just another "Shooter" that developers can quickly conjure up out of the ashes.
Why can't they just develop new ideas, and concepts out of the monotonous "Sci-Fi" genre?
I will not download this game, as it is just another repetitive shooter that amoung other things, takes up 290 blocks of my valuable space.
Peeps, just wait for SMBRPG, Earthbound or Bomberman.
This aint worth the 700 points.



marvman3 commented on LIT:

This is becoming a spam thread.
Whoops! No forums yet.

Well, this game looks cool, the story's cool, the art is cool,
the emo mood is cool, the language is cool.
But the name is lame.
Gotta refine the name,
then refine the playn.




marvman3 commented on Frat Party Games - Beer Pong:

A college student's dream!
We will drink while playn this game.
That'll defintely happen.
But for all ya peeps who don't play the actual real Beer Pong,
then don't get this.
It aint for you, it's meant for us "Jug Heads".



marvman3 commented on SPOGS Racing:

This is looks like an actual B grade title on WiiWare.
Thats good.
The soundtrack it has on the vid, was rockn.
I could imagine myself playn this.
Hopefully they add a last minute addition.....
Wi-Fi support.
Then this game is a seller. Pogs FTW!



marvman3 commented on Tetris Party:

This is a absolute must have for adult and old-school gamers.
This will sell....
Believe me, this will be a hit all over the world.
Nintendo is playing their cards right by releasing this,
hopefully they release it around the Christmas season, where this will be definite hot ticket.
I'ma get this. Wi-Fi? Sweet!



marvman3 commented on Home Sweet Home:

A Home Designing game?!?
What will developers think of next?........
It might just attract those "female" and "transgender" gamers to the Wii.
Don't see many dudes playn this game...
If your caught playn this game, you will be made fun of.
Mark my words.



marvman3 commented on Helix:

Looks interesting, but does it actually help you athletic wise?
It might take-off if they have the right mix of songs, an hand gestures.
The tracks seems too "Techno" for me.....
Might have to pass this up, but hopefully more gameplay footage and info can shed light on this new age game.
Wii Fit is doing great on the market.



marvman3 commented on Crescendo:

Well, it's by Konami....
Lets see how things go for this legendary Publisher/Developer.



marvman3 commented on Pirates: The Key of Dreams:

Now this game looks good, and actually fun.
One of the more interesting WiiWare games I'be seen.
Just lookn at teh vid, I'm already diggn the "Arrr!" bit when
you spot something near your ship.
Nice. I will definitely get this.



marvman3 commented on Last Flight:

Looks interesting,
But if it's just the repetitive killing of zombies, vampires, monsters, etc.
It will just be a waist of points.
Hopefully there is more features added.