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Sun 27th Jul 2008

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Jiisuki commented on Review: Blaster Master: Overdrive (WiiWare):

Guess I have to try this one out before I comment to much, but I was not impressed with the music from the trailer. It just felt very thin in comparison to the original. Less punchy, perhaps. It's like exchanging a punch in the face to a poke in the leg, or something But I hope it sounds better on my sound system than on a youtube-video, but I'm skeptical..



Jiisuki commented on Bplus Announces Bit Boy!!:

I think 4- and 8-bit looks cool. 16-bit doesn't look like 16-bit for me, and I just hate BPlus 3D-stuff.. But I will keep an eye open



Jiisuki commented on Driift:

Looking forward to this. Offroad was great, so I hope this is too



Jiisuki commented on Tumblebugs:

Dammit! I though this would be a new version of the EXTREMELY AWSOME game Thumblebugs on the PC. Old school futuristic versus fighting with really cool "space" ships.
Oh what I miss that game..