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United States

Sun 7th Dec 2008

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Sp3nc3r commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

This is an awesome game system. I never owned it but the VC downloads are very good, and cheap too. I also like how you can just use the wiimote sideways.



Sp3nc3r commented on Ninja Gaiden:

4 stars, but there would be 1 more star if it werent so hard



Sp3nc3r commented on Silent Debuggers:

This is a pretty good game. I would give it a 4 stars, but not a 5, because there is not a difficulty setting for people who aren't good at video games. Such as me. and gaming gets repetitive.



Sp3nc3r commented on Balloon Fight:

This stinks. Not even worth 1 star. I thought it was going to be worth my money, since I played it online, but it hardly was hardly alike. Online there was custom character too.



Sp3nc3r commented on Metroid:

It is way too hard. There need to be a lot more checkpoints.



Sp3nc3r commented on Devil's Crush:

I love how there is more than one table... and then bonus stages! I randomly started pushing buttons on the password part and I got 800,000,000. I don't remember what the code was, so nobody go asking me what it is. Does anybody know how many extra stages there are besides the castle/demon lady/satan priest things and the dragon with a lot of heads level?