Metroid Dread: Maps All ZDR Region Maps

Metroid Dread's region maps are gloriously labyrinthine puzzle boxes full of obstacles, dead ends, secret routes and surprises. In order to aid players in this regard, MercurySteam has done a fantastic job in ensuring that your in-game map remembers the locations of items, labels individual door types and flags up save rooms, map rooms, teleporters and more once you've been in the areas that contain them.

Of course, all of this is only really beneficial once you've cleared the all-encompassing fog of war that first greets you when you arrive at a new location. With this in mind, and with absolutely huge amounts of spoilers a given, we've gone ahead and laid out 100% uncovered versions of each and every region in the game below in order to help you should you find yourself completely stuck.

We still fully recommend you try to uncover the following maps bit by bit for yourself but, if needed, they are here for you to pore over.

Metroid Dread Maps - All Regions And Area Maps


The first region in the game. Exploring Artaria will net you the Charge Beam, Spider Magnet, Phantom Cloak, Varia Suit, Grapple Beam and Screw Attack.

Artaria Area Map Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo


The second area in the game, here you'll pick up the Morph Ball ability and Diffusion Beam.

Cataris Area Map Metroid Dread


The Wide Beam and Morph Ball Bomb are both waiting to be discovered in this, the third area you'll visit.

Dairon Area Map Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo


Region number four will see you gain Flash Shift, Speed Boost and your Gravity Suit.

Burenia Area Map Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo


This fifth area will net Samus Storm Missiles, the Space Jump and Wave Beam.

Ferenia Area Map Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo


Super Missiles, Spin Boost, Ice Missiles, Pulse Radar and Cross Bombs are the goodies you've got to collect in Ghavoran, the sixth of Metroid Dread's regions.

Ghavoran Area Map Metroid Dread


Blast through the seventh area in the game and grab yourself the Plasma Beam.

Elum Area Map Metroid Dread


The eighth and final area in the game will see you discover the Power Bomb ability.

Hanubia Area Map Metroid Dread

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