Metroid Dread Missile Tank Locations
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As with any Metroid game, Metroid Dread is stuffed to the rafters with missile tank and missile tank+ upgrades for you to discover. In order to make this as easy as possible we're going to picture the map locations alongside a screenshot of these items as we come across them and sort them into the various areas of the game.

To further aid yourself as you search out these hidden treasures, remember that Metroid Dread will automatically place the locations of any pickups that you've seen but not yet reached on your extremely useful in-game maps so you can easily track them later on when you have the necessary equipment to go back and grab them. You can also place handy icons anywhere on the map in order to mark where you need to go next!

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With all that said, let's get started shall we?

Metroid Dread: All Missile Tanks Locations


We kickstart our guide here right at the beginning of the game with a quick and easy pickup of your very first missile tank upgrade in Artaria. In order to nab this first collectible, simply head to where we've indicated in the pics below where you'll find it safe behind a wall ready for collection!

Just a little further along in Artaria and sat right at a locked door that you'll happen upon naturally just as you finish your introductory E.M.M.I battle, this one requires no special abilities to walk over and nab. Let's check its location below.

3. Our next missile tank location is tucked away to the right on a slippery slope that you'll fall down to the left of the save room in Artaria. In order to reach this we're going to have to trek around to the nearby map station, take the right doorway out of room, straight up some ledges to the very top, then left through a room with a large red enemy. Exiting this room will find you stood right behind the previously unreachable tank.

Our next missile tank requires the use of the Charge Beam, which you should have by now. Once you've acquired this head for the north eastern Network Station in Artaria, head through the charge door on the upper right of this room and you'll find Missile Tank number waiting to be slid into.

By this stage you should now also have the Spider Magnet ability, which you'll have taken from your first proper E.M.M.I encounter. Once you have this you'll be able to grab this next upgrade by climbing up a high magnet pad in the area located below and shooting out a few blocks from the platform opposite so you can jump over and sweep up your prize.

We're in area in the far east of Artaria's map now after taking an elevator from Cataris, and from here you'll find this next tank almost immediately. Simply jump off the elevator and head left to enter the hot area we've indicated below. Ride the magnet pad on the ceiling across the room and you'll be able to jump off right on top of this next prize.

And just a hop, skip and a jump away from our last pickup, this next tank, as shown below is in a room just left of where you grabbed your last tank. Enter the hot area shown below, clamber across the magnet padding on the ceiling, watch out for the fire turrets and grab your next missile upgrade.

And another right nearby our last. Keep heading left just a little and you'll find this one hidden cheekily behind a wall in the exact location in the map below. Just blast the wall to reveal it and that's another one in the bag!

Now head left and up to the next nearby location we have pinpointed in the map below. This one's as straightforward as they come.

The next Missile Tank upgrade is located to the south of our last pickup. Take a look at the map below and work your way across and down by any of the various routes possible. Once here you've got an easy job to nab this one by simply bombing the block and rolling under the gap for the win.

Now over in the frigid cold west of Artaria, we can grab this tank easily as we make our way back from Burenia with our Gravity Suit in tow. You'll come across this tank upon entering the area in the map below and can simply walk over and nab it.

Our next tank comes after a Chozo Soldier boss battle nearby to our last pickup. This one can be found in the location below and is an easy grab at the top of an open room.

This next tank is a Missile Tank+ and in order to get it we're going to do some fairly simple speed-boosting. Start in the location you see Samus in the map below and run to the right with the aim of ending up at the red indicator shown in the same map. Charge up your speed boost and jump up onto the ledge indicated (there's an energy part sat here if you haven't collected it yet). Keep boosting and you'll break through several walls composed of speed booster blocks, then you'll need to perform a slide to break one final block right at the end to arrive at the little hidden area containing this upgrade.

Another Missile Tank in this frozen area of Artaria, this one is going to take some fancy slide speed boosting. You need to get a run up down the long, sloped icy corridor to the right that leads to the location shown in the map below. Clear away overhanging rock with missiles and kill enemies in order to give yourself space, get up to speed and then slide into the blocks at the very end of the right hand side of the area (use your scanner to detect the hidden blocks to make this all easier). Once you've successfully done this you'll slide right through into a tiny space where your tank awaits.

This next tank is further along the now frozen Artaria, back where you actually started your adventure and you'll need to utilise Space Jump to get up the large v-shaped gap in the location shown below, once up there and stood in the doorway to the left, scan the area to reveal a block hidden right in the top right corner and then spin jump your way over to grab it from its high perch.

Slap-bang in the middle of Artaria's now green E.M.M.I zone, this tank, the location of which we've pinpointed below, requires you to get into the space across from where it's sat and then pull the magnetic barrier trapping it upwards so you can jump in and get it. Be careful not to fall down the gap underneath it.

Located precisely where we've shown in the map below, this tank requires you to scan your surroundings in order to reveal the two bomb blocks that sit underneath it. Use your Morph Ball bombs to juggle up and explode these blocks from below and jump up to grab this one from its little hiding spot.

Our next Missile Tank is of the + variety and can be found in a red hot area of Artaria, right up the top of the map, as shown below. In order to grab this one, simply roll through the lava in your Gravity Suit and it's all yours!

This next tank requires the Screw Attack upgrade to smash through the blocks keeping it trapped in the easternmost tip of the map, as shown below!

Our next tank is an easy grab with a quick blast of your scanner used to locate a hidden missile block in the location pinpointed and pictured below.

The next tank is another easy grab, head to the location we've detailed here, scan the area and break the blocks above where it's sat in order to jump down and take it.

This tank makes for 92% completion of Artaria, with a few tough to find secrets to go. In order to nab this one travel down to the area indicated, use bombs to drop through the floor, scan to find the weak blocks, then blow up the weakened piece of wall by charge blasting at the red area, this will reveal your prize.

For this tank, take a look at our map below, you're going to start in the tunnel with the yellow marker, but you're not going to run left towards where Samus' helmet and the tank are. Instead you're going to run right down that long corridor, charge your speed boost, activate shinespark and get into the little block space right at the end of it in morph ball form. Whilst in morph ball form, and still shinesparking, quickly press B to ballspark and immediately press left. You'll take off like a bullet, cross the chasm and blow all the speed blocks on the other side away, liberating your upgrade in the process. Very cool.


In order to grab this Missile Tank+ upgrade have a look at the map of Cataris below and make your way to the location, it's not too far away from where you'll have unlocked the Morph Ball. Once there you'll do a little bit of manoeuvring around to make your way up the little maze area - watch out for bugs! - and get your hands on your prize.

We'll need our Varia Suit for this next one. Once you're at the Missile Tank location shown below you'll need to slide through a small space to the left of your screen to enter the room containing it. Blast the enemy within and then the piece of wall here and then wall-jump onto the rematerializing blocks in order to reach this one as shown.

For this next Missile Tank you'll need to head right over to the far east of the map as indicated in the map screenshot below, enter the room in question, take out the enemy with a parry attack and jump up into the space to nab your prize.

Not too far away from our last tank, let's now head south to below the South Eastern Network Station in Cataris, as indicated on the map below. There's a few little Morph Ball spots to enter to reach this snug little area, none of which are hard to find. Once you've got the tank, explode the wall to the right of it to open up a nice shortcut for later travels!

Next up in Cataris and we're using our Varia Suit, which you'll have at this stage, in order to enter the hot area indicated below. Make your way across the room's platforms, ensuring you don't fall into the lava and perform a wall jump in order to grab this next one.

This next tank requires you to shoot out a missile block on the right hand side of where it's hidden, jump up quickly and hang off the ledge, then lean in and shoot the second missile block in order to clear a path. Not too difficult but you'll need to work fast before the blocks regenerate.

You'll need your Varia suit for this next one as we're headed into hot country. Head to the location in our map below and blow the pieces of exploding wall out as seen in the pics provided. Then spin jump up into the space exposed and roll into the next area to grab you missile upgrade.

Next we'll be speed boosting into a wall and making a little jump just as we're about to make contact so we hit the top of it. Start your run where we've placed the yellow marker on our map and smash through the wall where you see Samus to reveal this well hidden upgrade.

For this next one you need to get Samus way up high into the position she's in on our map shown below. Bomb the blocks in the tunnel you're in to drop down a long shaft and net another upgrade.

For this tank, space jump your way up to where we've placed the yellow marker on the map below to enter a tunnel into the area containing the tank. Once in there scan your surroundings and make your way to where Samus is located on our map for an easy grab.

Another hot one this, you'll need your Gravity Suit in order to speed boost through lava, slide under some rocks and blast through the speed blocks hiding this one in the location we've pinpointed on our map.

In the very south west of the map you'll need your Gravity Suit once again to take a dip in the lava and shoot this tank upgrade out from it's hiding spot as shown below.

Nice and easy this one, just make your way to the location below by space jumping up the huge area on the right, then take a nice relaxing dip in the lava before leaping onto the ledge that holds your prize.

This tank requires some speed boost skillz as we take off from the position where Samus is stood in the shuttle area on the left of our map below with the aim of reaching the indicated row of speed boost blocks on the ceiling of the next room. In order to do this we need to take off running, shoot the door open, slide through a beam block and then spin jump our way up the chicane of platforms before shinesparking straight up into the blocks to grab our prize. Tough!


Our next Missile Tank can be found right after you nab the Morph Ball Bomb power-up on your second trip to this area of the game. As shown in the map below, you'll drop down through the floor of the statue room where you acquired your bomb skill and continue to head down through floors that you explode until you reach the room in the pic for an easy grab of this upgrade.

Not too far away from our last tank, this next one requires you to use your bomb ability to travel through a series of Morph Ball launchers - you can see them in the map pinpointing the precise location of the tank below - in order to get down to the western save station in Dairon. Once you've saved your game, roll on out and down to the right where you'll end up in the room pictured below. Missile the ceiling to take it out, jump up and grab that sucker!

You'll need the Speed Boost ability in order to blast through the Speed Boost walls in the location we have pointed out in the first map below to grab this next tank. If you're having trouble reaching this location from where you're currently at, have a look at the network of pipes we've highlighted in the second map below. You need to charge up your Speed Boost on the long walkway directly below these pipes and then activate Shinespark by pushing down, then line yourself up below the pipes and unleash an upward jump then sends you right up into them so you can then easily manoeuvre to the location from map one. Good luck!

Make your way out to the extreme west of the map to the Dairon's save room, as indicated below. Just outside the save room you'll see a Morph Ball launcher which is blinking in your map - indicating a secret is around. What you need to do now is fire off some Morph Ball bombs into the wall facing the save room, the one right at the launcher, to uncover the little area pictured below to grab our next Missile Tank.

Our next tank in Dairon is right up to the east of the map beside the shuttle to Cataris. In the room indicated in the map and shown in the pics below you need to get yourself charged up with your Speed Boost ability on the large bottom floor area then push down to activate your Shinespark. Once active, stand in the centre of the room, as pictured and jump straight up, crashing through several barriers to reach this tank in dramatic fashion!

In Dairon at the bottom east elevator entrance from Artaria we need to make our way straight up to our next pinpointed location below. Here you'll enter a large room you'll have visited before and this time you need to head up to the very top to spy some Grapple Beam points. Grapple right across to the top right corner where you'll find this next tank. A tip here is that you don't need to grapple from point to point, simply stand beneath the furthest to the right one and shoot your grapple straight up for an easier time.

Right at the elevator from Ghavoran to Dairon, we want to head directly to the right where we'll come almost immediately to a door with some frost emanating from it. Yes, we shouldn't go in there yet but it's open and the tank is just inside if you have enough health, grab it! Check out the exact location below. .

Next up we've got a Missile Tank+ that we're gonna use our Speed Boost ability to grab. In order to illustrate what you need to do here we've highlighted both the tank and the position you need to start your run in with a yellow marker on the map below. Take off running from the yellow marker, activate speed boost and then spin jump your way up the chicane of cave corners to burst through the speed blocks at the top and claim your prize!

2021100816411800 C[1]

Sticking in Dairon for this one and you'll need to position yourself on the raised area opposite the little tunnel where the tank is hidden, use a power bomb to take out the bomb block, very quickly shoot the missile blocks, roll in there, use a cross bomb to get across the pitfall blocks and claim your prize. EASY!

This next one we'll be needing our gravity suit to grab as we're headed into the lava at the south of this area, as indicated in our map, to grab a tank that's nestled in a little tunnel overhead. Go to the right side of the tunnel, pull away the magnet block and this one's all yours.

Sticking in exactly the same area, this time we'll go to the left of the room, submerged in the lava and speed boost to the right in order to break some hidden speed blocks and claim another cheeky tank. Easy.

This last missile tank in Dairon is sat on a ledge that's hidden behind some speed blocks at the location we've pinpointed in our map below. Start your speed boosting run from where you see Samus' helmet in our map and you'll blast straight through the wall ahead to claim your upgrade. Literally smashing stuff.


Burenia, the fourth area in the game. Here we'll get our hands on the Flash Shift ability and we'll almost immediately use this to nab our next tank. Once you've got the Flash Shift, head to the location on the map below, which is just north of where you grabbed your new ability. Once here you're going to need to blow up some wall in the upper right hand corner where the tank is trapped - as pictured below. Jump up into the cleared space and roll across it dropping bombs, you'll now find yourself dropped out into the water below. Now jump onto the area facing the hole you've made - which is filled with missile blocks, take these out quickly then run and jump and roll through before they materialize. Ta-da!

In the area indicated below you'll find the next Missile Tank behind a missile block at the top right hand side of the large structure we have pictured for you. Any easy grab!

Down in the watery southern depths of this area you'll find this Missile Tank+ waiting on a ledge in some deep water. You can either try to drop down onto it or go to the platforms to the right of this area and use your Space Jump to travel directly across to its location which we've detailed in the pics below.

Another Missile Tank close to where you found the last one in Burenia, this one requires a pulse of the area detailed in the pic below and some Morph Ball action to get down to the small space it's sat in.

Our next tank in Burenia is hidden behind a bunch blue Screw Attack blocks. Easy enough to grab when you've got the ability, simply head to the location and smash the blocks for the win.

And another Missile Tank+ this time, it's right beside the last one and once again requires more screw attack action to bust the blocks encircling it.

A real easy one next, simply head to the area indicated below and jump over the wall to nab yourself another tank.

Another pretty straightforward one, this Missile Tank+ requires you to hang from a magnet pad, shoot out a missile block and then quickly spin-jump through a sensor door and onto a ledge where you can roll down to grab your prize.

We're in the water now and Samus needs to position herself at the bottom of the area as indicated in our map below and shinespark jump straight up to smash the speed boost block way up top and grab our missile tank. There's lots of room to charge up your speed boost down here so this one's a breeze.

In the top left corner of this room where you'll face off against Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers, you can scan for a hidden block and break it open to reveal this next tank.

An easy grab at the location marked below, this one is sat waiting in the open for you to snatch up.

This last missile tank+ in Burenia and this is a toughie. You'll need to start a speed boost run at the location we've got Samus positioned on our map. Shoot the first door to your left to make space to charge up and then activate shinespark just as you reach the edge of the first drop. Now you're on a tricky maze run involving sliding under a wall, shooting down through some beam blocks then spin-jumping up and over a few hills in order to get yourself to the speed blocks that need destroyed in the position indicated on our map below by a yellow marker. This is easily one of the toughest tests of your shinespark skills in the game! You can do it!

2021100911505000 C[1]


Soon after arriving on this lush planet and after a bit of exploring to get you to the location we have identified on the map below, you'll find your first Missile Tank in the area. What you need to do is work your way down to where we have pinpointed, then look up to find grapple points, three in total, that you'll need to use to swing over, making sure to Flash Shift from the last one in order to reach this tucked away tank.

The next tank in Ghavoran isn't far away. Just head straight right to the location pinpointed below and you'll find it locked behind a grapple block for an easy grab.

We'll need Ice Missiles to clear a path to the location of this next tank shown below. Once there, simply scan for breakable blocks and wind in and around the Morph Ball tunnels for the pickup!

Our next Missile Tank in this area can be found right after you battle the boss, Golzuna. Exit the arena and scan your surroundings to reveal blocks in the bottom right corner of the next room, use your bombs to get in there and reveal this next upgrade.

Next up you'll need to use your Space Jump skills to juggle yourself upwards in the area pictured below until you see the target Missile Tank on the left hand side waiting in a slanted vent. Simply juggle up there and grab the ledge then roll in for an easy win.

Not too far away from our last one, just a little south in fact, you'll need to roll into the vent in which this tank is located and then use your Cross Bomb ability to get across the pitfall blocks and nab your upgrade.

This tank requires you to open a storm missile door in the location we've pinpointed then go through the door to your left, jump up beside the green teleporter and into the room on your right to nab it from its perch. Note that you won't actually be able to get up into this area until you've got your screw attack and space jump so best leave it late in the game!

Make your way to the south of the region and the exact location we've marked out for you on our map and you'll be able to jump up into a little crevice and roll along into the tiny little space where this Missile Tank+ is trying to have a sneaky nap.

Near to our last tank in the south of the region, this one requires you to head to the room just right of the elevator down to Burenia, as marked on our map. Once here you simply need to do a scan, shoot out the missile block that's revealed and claim your upgrade.

For this tank we're going to start a speed boost run in the shuttle room to Elun in the south east of Ghavoran. If you look at our map below you can see where Samus is stood to start this run. You need to open the magnet door here, quickly get back, take a run up so you enter the next room just as speed boost activates and then spin jump your way right across to the speed blocks in the top left hand corner which we've also highlighted. One of the easier speed boost pickups in the game.

Slap bang in the middle of the region, the trick to nabbing this tank is to get up onto the ledge on which it's sat and use the force from a cross bomb to blast yourself across the pitfall blocks and snatch that sucker up. YEAH, SAMUS!


Our first Missile Tank on Ferenia is found in the location on the map below, very near to where you will fight the area's boss, Escue. It's an easy one to nab this requiring a single missile shot right up into the right hand corner of the room as shown in the pic below here.

Next up in Ferenia we've got this tricky tank that requires you to have the ability to spin jump in Morph Ball form up into a tiny tunnel to grab it. We actually nabbed this once we had the Power Bomb ability, shattering all blocks in our vicinity to make things easier!

Our next tank is pretty much the same deal. You're gonna need to blow up a bomb block to gain entry to a tunnel that leads to it. Best bet is to use a nearby magnet pad to grab onto then spin over and bomb the block. Once in the missile room spin up and into the corner and shoot at the explosive wall until it blows so you can grab your prize.

Next on Ferenia we're in the location below and you're going to need to use a power bomb from the right hand side of the bomb blocks and power bomb blocks that you can see on the map in order to clear that tunnel and gain access to this room.

And on to another. This one requires you to enter the room in the map below, drop to the platform underneath our missile tank and then power bomb the room so you can jump up, roll in and grab it.

Ok this one was tricky. Take a look at the map below, note where Samus is stood and where the Missile Tank+ is. You need to speed boost from her position, shoot the door open so it doesn't get in your way, then shinespark, get up onto the tunnel area you can see in the second pic, and bomb your way along to the opening of the vertical pipe then shinespark jump right up into the space for your prize. All the best!

Another shinespark test of skill, the Missile Tank+ pictured needs to be grabbed by smashing through the shinespark blocks you can see in the pic. In order to do this run against the giant fan below the area to the right, activate speed boost, spin your way up to the missile area and activate shinespark as you land to give yourself time to shoot out the regular blocks, roll in and smash through the shinespark blocks. A toughie but you can do it!

And again on Ferenia with the shinespark exams. This time start Samus running where you can see her in the map below, with the intent of ending up at the speed booster block to the left and below here that we've highlighted. It's another toughie but with some good timing and morph ball skills you'll get there.


Our first missile tank on Elun, this one requires you to make your way up to the extreme north of the region to where we've highlighted in the map below. You're now going to need to work your way over to the right of the tunnel network just below where the tank is sat and use a power bomb to clear the extreme right pathway so you can clamber up to snatch your upgrade. Make use of your scanner to highlight blocks to make this one super easy.

Our next one is directly south of our last tank and in order to nab this one we need to use the giant fan in the area we've pinpointed in our map to charge up our speed boost, activate shinespark and quickly make our way down a short distance, zigzagging to where the speed blocks are located to perform a jump straight up, smash them and claim our prize.


Our first Missile Tank on Hanubia is located up and out of one of the shattered glass tunnels in the area, which you can explode to clamber out of using your Power Bomb. Once out head to the area marked in the map below and then use a missile to break the block that's hiding this pickup

Our next Missile Tank on Hanubia will have been visible to you when you first arrived but not accessible. Once you've revisited the planet, however, you'll be able to approach the nearby magnet lock from its other side and roll down into the tunnels. Use a Power Bomb to clear the area out and claim your prize.

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.