Metroid Dread Flash Shift
Image: Nintendo Life

The Flash Shift upgrade is one of a handful of fancy new abilities that Samus will find during Metroid Dread.

This slick new move uses an Aeion Gauge in order to allow you to dash a small distance to avoid enemy attacks. This dash can be performed in the ground or air and it will enable you to travel through pressure-sensitive doors scattered around environments by simply jumping and dashing straight through them.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Flash Shift?

You'll gain access to this new upgrade on your first visit to the 4th area in the game, the waterlogged Burenia.

We've pinpointed the exact location where you can find it on the map below and getting there involves a little bit of rolling around and Spider Magnet abilities underwater. Keep your in-game map handy, and make your way to the location we've provided and it won't be long before you're dodging through attacks like a pro.

The game itself also helps you out here by almost directing you right to where you're going by having most other areas locked off for now. Easy!

Metroid Dread Flash Shift 1
Image: Nintendo Life

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