Metroid Dread Speed Boost
Image: Nintendo Life

Another very useful ability — and one you'll have used before in previous Metroid titles — the Speed Boost in Metroid Dread allows Samus to take off at supersonic speeds by clicking in the 'L' stick while she's running.

The trick here is that you need a good distance of clear space in order for Samus to get right up to full speed and she'll then enter supersonic mode, which allows her to crush barriers, burst through speed blocks and destroy enemies as she goes.

Furthermore, when you're in Speed Boost mode you can flick down on the 'L' stick to activate "Shinespark" mode, turning Samus a glowing purple colour indicating you can now propel her at huge force straight up into the air to smash blocks or anywhere else you desire. It's pretty awesome!

Metroid Dread - Where is the Speed Boost?

In order to grab the Speed Boost upgrade you'll need to take out the yellow E.M.M.I. that you'll find in Dairon in the same manner as the ones you've destroyed before.

Find and destroy the area's Control Unit, juice up your laser and go melt that crazy robot's head off.

We've indicated the exact spot where this fight takes place below:

Metroid Dread Speed Boost 1
Image: Nintendo Life

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