Metroid Dread Ice Missile

The Ice Missile upgrade is an absolute classic weapon and in Metroid Dread Samus is — surprise, surprise — gonna be using it to freeze her foes in place where she can then shatter them with missiles. Simple!

More importantly, however, this weapon can be used to remove the many fiery barriers you'll find in your way later in the game.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Ice Missile?

In order to grab the Ice Missile upgrade you're going to need to defeat the blue E.M.M.I. situated at the location in Ghavoran that we've pinpointed below:

Metroid Dread Ice Missile 1

Once again you'll need to destroy the Central Unit in the area, charge up your beam attack and get busy stripping away this robot foe's armour before blasting its head with a charged shot.

This blue enemy is a little trickier than the other robots, it takes longer to damage its armour and you'll therefore need to work out a pattern as to how you coax it around the room you're in, making sure you keep shooting at its head, moving and then quickly shooting again to build up the damage enough that you burst through that head armour. Don't be afraid to let it get really close before dodging out of the way.

With a little practice you'll have this one down in no time, free up the E.M.M.I. area for exploration and claim the Ice Missile as your prize.

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