Metroid Dread Varia Suit
Image: Nintendo Life

The Varia Suit is a vitally important part of Samus' kit in Metroid Dread. You'll need it to enter hot areas as well as to take reduced damage from enemy attacks.

This suit also slightly increases the damage dealt by dash melee attacks (performed by parrying an enemy whilst running).

Metroid Dread - Where is the Varia Suit?

In order to grab the Varia Suit, you'll need to have returned from Cataris in the red teleportation device that you'll find fairly early on in your adventure.

Use the device to teleport back to Artaris and head straight down into the water below. Go left through the nearby save room, save your game then head left again and jump up into the Morph Ball space (there will be an Energy Part to grab, too). Keep on heading up and then across to the right through a series of small tunnels filled with bugs.

Once out of these tunnels head up once more. As you head this direction you'll interact with a device which changes the direction of the thermal flow in the area. A set piece will take place in which you need to escape a collapsing area which is now overheating. Keep moving, blasting holes all over and using your Morph Ball to enter small spaces.

Once you've got up and out of this area and returned to safety you'll head the only route possible and come to a door and a long corridor where you'll be able to see the statue room containing the Varia Suit directly above you.

TLDR? We've pinpointed the location on the maps below:

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