Metroid Dread Energy Parts
Image: Nintendo Life

Another primary collectable in Metroid Dread is Energy Parts. We've put together the following list of all Energy Part locations in the game to help you on your adventure!

Metroid Dread: All Energy Parts Locations


Our first Energy Part Collectible can be found at Artaria's red teleportation device, as indicated in our map below. From here, jump down and wade left through the water then up through a door into a save room. Save your progress then keep heading out to left and you'll see the first Energy Part waiting. Just jump up, grab the ledge and roll into the tank using your Morph Ball ability!

The next Energy Part we acquired is located in the South Eastern part of Artaria and is pinpointed in the map below. It's an easy grab and is sat right in front of you as you enter this area.


Our next Energy Part can be found in Cataris and in order to grab it you'll need to have your Morph Ball ability once again. Make your way to the location indicated below and slide through a small gap at the right edge of the screen in order to nab this little guy.

Another energy part in Cataris and you'll need to speed boost up through two speed boost blocks in order to nab this one. Start your speed boost run up from where we've placed Samus on our map below then shinespark as you reach the area where the blocks are and shoot straight up through them. The part will be sat within easy reach from where you land.


This part can be found immediately after you have gained the Speed Boost ability in Dairon. Once you've got this you can head to the location indicated below and use your new found skill to blast through the wall that's blocking you from your prize. Make sure to give yourself a good run-up, hit the L stick and watch Samus take off, before jumping up and claiming your upgrade part.

This Energy Part is an easy pickup once you've got the Gravity Suit and can wade though lava like it's a nice cool stream. Once you've got the suit head to the location below to claim this one.

Located in the north of Dairon, as shown on our map, this one takes a little bit of missile and bomb skills to take out the blocks and get up into the tunnel to claim. We recommend a power bomb, then shoot the missile block and quickly jump up there.

The next Energy Part requires you to speed boost and shinespark your way from the starting position, represented in our map by Samus' helmet, all the way up the twists and turns of ledges to the speed block at our red marker where your part awaits hidden. It takes a few tries but you'll get there!


Next, this Energy Part is located in Burenia and you'll be able to nab it now that you've got your Speed Boost. Just beside the upper east shuttle to Dairon in Burenia - as pinpointed below - you'll find the part sat in front of a large fan, so you'll need to run into the wind charging your Speed Boost in order to outrun the gust and claim it. Easy!

This Energy Part is in the location detailed below. You'll want to have Ice Missiles handy in order to get yourself down to this area where the part awaits behind blocks which you can pulse scan for.


Our next Energy Part can be found in Ferenia just a little south east from the save station as shown in the pic below. It's an easy grab as all you'll need to do is get around to the right hand side of the ledge it's under and Morph Ball Bomb your way in there to collect!

Next up, an Energy Part located right where you arrive from the Dairon elevator to the south. Check the map below and spin jump your way up into this little tunnel at the top of the room indicate to grab this one.

Ferenia's secrets are tricky. This next one requires you to speed boost then shinespark from the position we've marked with a yellow marker, then head up the steep slope you can see that separates it from the Energy Part that we've also highlighted. It's a tricky run, but with practice you'll get there.

A final Energy Part in Ferenia and you need to enter the room pinpointed below where you'll be faced with the problem of removing bomb blocks in order to grapple a magnet block. In order to do this get up to the highest part of the blocks and roll off to the right whilst dropping a cross bomb. This will destroy the obstructing bomb blocks but leave the ones on the left side you 'll need to stand on to shoot your grapple beam and gain entry to the tunnel. Be quick to get back around, grapple the block away, then drop a power bomb from the top and roll to grab the ledge. Scan the next room to make your way to your prize!


This energy part requires a speed boost then a huge shinespark jump to grab it in stylish fashion. What you need to do here is shinespark jump straight up from the location we've highlighted on our map with a yellow marker. In order to build up enough momentum to speed boost here you'll need to open the magnet locked door to your immediate left, go through and then quickly charge back into the area you're jumping from. A pretty easy pickup!

This next one requires some quick work with your grapple beam as we need to land on a disintegrating platform and quickly wrench out a magnet block. Once that's done, wait for the platform to regenerate and land on it again to quickly shoot out a missile block. You can then roll up into the space to grab your part.

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