Metroid Dread Power Bomb

The last of Samus Aran's upgrades in Metroid Dread, the Power Bomb, turns your regular Morph Ball Bombs into devastatingly large explosions that can obliterate nearby enemies and destroy any Power Bomb Blocks nearby.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Power Bomb?

In order to get the Power Bomb you'll need to fight the final Red Chozo Soldier in the Hanubia region — destroy him and take the upgrade from the body of the final E.M.M.I.

For help with this battle, you can check out our Red Chozo Soldier guide, where you'll find instructions on how to beat an earlier encounter with the exact same foe.

Below is a map of where the duel in question takes place and where to find the Power Bomb(s). Good luck!

Metroid Dread Power Bomb 1

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