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There are lots of different powerups in Metroid Dread and some of the most elusive of all are the Power Bomb Tank upgrades. We've hunted them all down and listed them below!

Metroid Dread: All Power Bomb Tank Locations

Our first Power Bomb Tank can be reached after taking the elevator from the very north of Artaria (where you got the Grapple Beam) to Dairon. Here you'll arrive in an area with a Grapple Beam block to pull out on your right to expose a Morph Ball tunnel and a wall on your left. Shoot this wall out to access a secret area, grapple up to the magnet pad and shoot more blocks out directly to your right up here. Quickly jump into the resulting gap and claim your prize! The pics below show you exactly where you need to be.

Our next Power Bomb Tank can be found right at the top of a huge area in Artaria and you'll need to spin jump your way right up to the top and attach to the nearby magnetic strip in order to get it. Parry any nearby flying enemies so they can't knock you down.

Our next Power Bomb Tank is located in Ferenia. You'll simply need to Power Bomb the location indicated in the map for a real easy pickup!

Another one in Ferenia and this is easy too. Simply blast the power bomb blocks in this location and spin up into the space for victory.

Next we're on Dairon and we're detonating our Power Bomb at the location below to eviscerate everything, including the blocks that have got this shiny prize trapped between them.

Another power bomb upgrade in Dairon and this time you'll need to shoot a row of bomb blocks with your cross bomb then quickly yank a magnet block out of the way in order to clear a path for you to roll in and grab this one. Not too difficult!

This Power Bomb Tank is in Cataris and once you've arrived at the area we've indicated in our map to grab it you're going to have to take out a bunch of blocks that are jamming a magnet lift from coming to down and letting you get to it. We used a power bomb and then quickly took out the missile blocks before jumping up to pull the lift down!

Sticking in Cataris, this power bomb upgrade is located right down in the south west, as shown on our map. Dive down into the lava and enter the tunnel where our purple marker is in order to reach a little maze. Scan for breakable blocks, get to the top, pull the magnet block out of your way and that's your next collectible...collected.

For this power bomb tank, start a speed boost run at the location marked on our map with a yellow marker, shoot the door so you have space, slide under the gap then activate shinespark and roll down the tunnels to where the tank is (located at Samus' icon on our map). Press B to activate ballspark and hold right to blast straight across the pitfall blocks to victory!

We're on Elun for this next Power Bomb upgrade and we're headed to the extreme east of the region to the location in the map below. Simply enter the network of tunnels in this little area, quickly scan for breakable blocks and make your way down to where this upgrade is nestled for an easy pickup.

On Hanubia now and this Power Bomb upgrade requires you to start a speed boost run at the location that you can see Samus in our map below. We want to charge through the door ahead then shinespark when we get to the row of bomb blocks, quickly morph ball bomb the blocks then push B to ballspark and hold straight down to destroy the power bomb blocks. Easy!

Next we're space-jumping our way right up into the top of the map in Ghavoran to grab this upgrade which has very nicely decided to just sit there on a ledge in the open. Sweet.

This one is located right down at the bottom of the Burenia region, as shown in our map, and you need to start Samus on a speed boost from the position we have placed her in our map then shinespark and slide under two low obstacles, get into morph ball form, hit B to ballspark and hold left to blast the blocks and claim you power bomb upgrade!

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.