Metroid Dread Charge Beam
Image: Nintendo Life

Samus' Charge Beam upgrade in Metroid Dread allows her to open charge doors as well as do further damage to enemies with its powerful charged shots which are performed by holding in the 'Y' button.

If you run out of missiles to attack armoured or more powerful foes, this beam can also be used as a backup, penetrating tougher skins for damage. Later in the game, you'll also be able to perform a special charge attack by spin jumping whilst the beam is fully charged.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Charge Beam?

In order to find the Charge Beam as quickly as possible — and it shouldn't be too hard at this stage in the game — you need to be in the very bottom centre of the Artaria map, as shown in the pics below.

Make your way down and to the left as far as possible before sliding under a gap at the bottom left of the screen to enter a statue room and grab the Charge Beam.

You can now head back the way you came and immediately start opening up some new areas!

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