Metroid Dread Spin Boost
Image: Nintendo Life

The Spin Boost upgrade in Metroid Dread enables Samus to jump once more when performing a regular spin jump, which is a jump diagonally forward in either direction.

This can be used to reach lots of high ledges that have been previously out of bounds but is limited underwater to only keeping the same level of height as your first jump, meaning it doesn't take you up but it can carry you across.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Spin Boost?

In order to grab the Spin Boost power-up we are on Ghavoran at the location you can find below where you'll find a statue room bearing your prize. Getting to this location in central Ghavoran should be a piece of cake as you have plenty of different weapons and upgrades by now to help you take down any barriers.

One thing we will say is as you leave the underwater area where you'll find this, you'll need to perfectly time a spin boost in order to get yourself across a gap and back to the rest of the action. We've added a pic of the gap below, just in case you get stuck (like we definitely didn't). Good luck!

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