Metroid Dread Space Jump
Image: Nintendo Life

The Space Jump ability upgrade in Metroid Dread enables Samus to jump repeatedly during spin jumps, giving her the power to continue to barrel upwards for as long as she wishes.

Pressing 'B' during a spin jump activates another and you can, of course, change direction as you go in order to get into all manner of little hidden areas.

Underwater, the ability is slightly changed. You can't gain altitude, but it can be used to maintain the height of your first jump and continue to barrel across huge areas — an absolute must for finding all the secrets that still await us late in the game.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Space Jump?

In order to find the Space Jump, you'll need to go to the location in Ferenia detailed in the map below.

You'll gain access to this statue room by using your Storm Missiles on a door and it comes right after your boss fight with the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers.

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