Metroid Dread Morph Ball Bomb
Image: Nintendo Life

The Morph Ball Bomb upgrade in Metroid Dread is essential for clearing away walls, debris and enemies whilst curled up into your Morph Ball form. It's also the only way you can activate the Morph Ball launchers that you'll find in various areas throughout the game.

As well as exposing hidden blocks and destroying specially symbolised bomb blocks, you can also use these bombs to propel Samus upwards into spaces she might not previously have been able to use. The timing of this takes a little getting used to — and it doesn't work very well underwater — but be sure to give it a spin in order to investigate every nook and cranny you can.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Morph Ball Bomb?

In order to grab the Morph Ball Bomb, we're off to Dairon for the second time in the game. This visit will occur naturally as the story progresses.

Once on Dairon, activate the second power generator in order to get this part of the area up and running. Once you've done this first task, you'll then need to head through an E.M.M.I. area and make for the location that we've pinpointed on the map below, which is just to the right of Dairon's Map Station. Here you'll find the statue room that holds your prize!

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.