Metroid Dread Storm Missile
Image: Nintendo Life

An extremely useful tool, the Storm Missile allows you to lock on to several targets at once by holding in 'R' to begin charging and then pressing 'Y' once all targets have been selected for a devastating flurry of homing rockets.

Metroid Dread's Storm Missile can be used to blast single or multiple enemies, are effective against enemies cloaked in electrical energy and can also be used to solve Storm Missile Box puzzles in the game's environment — that's those big puzzle doors with several small green lights on them that you've been shaking your head at until now. Here's a pic:

Metroid Dread Storm Missile 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Metroid Dread - Where is the Storm Missile?

In order to nab the Storm Missile, you're going to have to take down the boss on Ferenia. Simple!

If you're after more spoiler-y information, we have a guide on how to beat Escue that should help you in that task. Good luck!

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.