Metroid Dread Gravity Suit

We're getting deep into Metroid Dread and still unlocking vital equipment. Samus' Gravity Suit hugely reduces damage taken from enemy attacks and it also, more importantly, enables her to travel through extreme cold and even red hot lava and move around freely underwater.

Obviously, this gives you access to a lot more places in the game world. As a little bonus, it will increase your dash melee damage, too!

Metroid Dread - Where is the Gravity Suit?

In order to find the Gravity Suit, you'll need to make your way to the location in Burenia shown in the map below.

To reach this statue room you're going to need your Pulse Radar, Space Jump and Morph Ball, all of which you'll already have by the time you find yourself down in these murky depths.

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.