Metroid Dread Morph Ball

The Morph Ball is without a doubt one of the most valuable ability upgrades in any Metroid game, and in Metroid Dread things are no different.

This handy manoeuvre allows you access to tons of hidden passageways, Morph Ball launchers, tunnels, gaps and more and is especially priceless for reaching all of the game's secret upgrades and collectables.

Metroid Dread - Where is the Morph Ball?

In order to nab the Morph Ball return directly to Cataris from Dairon with your newly acquired Wide Beam. This beam enables you to open lots of new areas on Cataris and, importantly, gives you access to the Control Unit enemy here who you'll need to defeat in order to juice up our E.M.M.I. exploding launcher and go hunt down the robotic foe who is lurking nearby.

As soon as you leave the Control Unit area that we've indicated in the map below, you'll be hunted down by this E.M.M.I. Use your supercharged launcher to melt the armour from his face, give yourself some space and then charge up your killer shot to the glowing red eye you've just exposed.

Congratulations, you can now turn into a tiny ball and roll around everywhere!

This guide is part of our Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide series, which includes all ability locations, all missile tank locations, all energy tank locations, all energy parts, all suit upgrades, all power bomb tanks, plus every compatible amiibo unlock, E.M.M.I. and boss battle tips, and other helpful tips to help you get through the game and get those post-game unlocks.