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Posted by Patrick Elliot


Zombii Attack is a very silly game. Its main mechanic — firing zombies out of a giant slingshot — is strange enough, but even more preposterous is the fact that this game actually got published on WiiWare. The game is so horrendous that the campy feel and OK music don't even come close to saving it from its abominable controls and broken mechanics.

Your goal is to help Dr. Z find a cure to the undead infection. This is done — of course — by collecting differently coloured zombies in a giant basket hung from a helicopter. Using your enormous slingshot, you pull zombies into your tractor beam with the B button, aim them at the basket with the Wii Remote and fire with the A button. You can also fire an assortment of junk at them to keep them at bay. The undead range in size, with larger ones taking more damage to put down. Killing zombies and finishing levels nets you money which you can use to re-enforce your barricade and buy better junk to fling, and if the undead break through your barrier, you fail. This will probably never happen though, due to the terribly overpowered tractor beam.

While many zombies take several hits to go down, oddly you can just endlessly use your tractor beam to kill them instantly. Even if you simply drop them right in front of your slingshot, they die. So just hold the B button down constantly and you can easily kill any of them. This takes almost all the strategy out of the game, and you'll only need to switch to weapons on a few occasions, such as when a stack of enemies randomly show up.

That's the other problem: randomness. The game randomly chooses the colour of zombies that come running down the screen. Since you have to collect a specific number of colours of zombies in each level, this means you may end up waiting for an eternity for the right type to show up. Worst of all, sometimes they never do. The developers decided to let the helicopter run out of fuel eventually, meaning you'll sometimes have to restart a level at no fault of your own.

On top of all this, the game is terribly ugly, with jagged environments, gross textures and a terrible presentation. A hilarious example of this is when you beat the level, your character looks like he levitates up to the helicopter in one big, awkward jump. The menus even have a slight delay, making the game periodically look like it's frozen. The only non-grating aspect of this game is the music. It has some pretty decent guitar riffs and some spooky effects. But, with only a few different tracks, they get old quick.

There are a few odd levels where you hurl explosives at buildings until they're destroyed or use the D-Pad to "steer" a car to hit zombies, but they are so short, easy and mindless that they add little to the game.

The most infuriating thing about the game is undoubtedly the controls. Let's say you have your reticule aimed at the left side of the screen, aimed up for the helicopter's basket. Once in a while the game will mess up and just send your zombie flying straight up into the air. If you've been waiting for ten minutes for that one zombie to show up, then he shoots up off the screen and Dr. Z informs you he's run out of gas and leaving, you'll want to eat your own brains.


Treat Zombii Attack like you would an undead plague: avoid it at all costs. The controls sporadically decide not to work, the graphics are terrible and gameplay revolves around the least enjoyable activity in gaming: waiting. Even if you do suck any fun from this game, it's over in a flash. Save yourself the frustration and the 500 Nintendo Points. There are far better ways to enjoy the zombie apocalypse.

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Squashie said:

Well that's that then, certainly won't be adding that one to my download collection.



blackknight77 said:

I hope Nintendo does not let this slop make it on too the Wii U online service. However I fear that it will.



Bruno_Malta said:

So many good things that they could have been releasing and they choose this piece of crap...way to go Nintendo!



FriedSquid said:

Yuck, I just skipped to the conclusion because I could already tell this would be horrible. And it was.



TikiTong said:

I thought this was an N64 game with those graphics!!!! Even on the Wii , these graphics aren't acceptable.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

this is ridiculous, Nintendo needs to learn something called quality control, I wouldn't even expect graphics that bad out of the N64, or controls that abysmal for that matter



ToneDeath said:

I too thought I was looking at screenshots of a BAD N64 game, like Carmageddon 64 or something. Jeez Leweez. I know the 'Nintendo Seal of Quality' has always been a bit of a joke, but I guess it doesn't apply to the downloadable games at all.



BlueToad said:

I knew that would happen. I mean, look at those TERRIBLE graphics and compare them with Skyward Sword!



LztheQuack said:

@Yasha: Give me an example of a service with "quality control." I've seen crap games like this on the Android Market, DSiware, Wiiware, Xbox Live, and the PSN.



bauckster said:

I wouldn't even wipe my dog's butt with this garbage. It make a guy wanna buy an XBox... you hear that Nintendo???



cheetahman91 said:

The Wii shop has become such a joke. It's been forever since we've gotten something that wasn't average or a piece of junk like this.



accc said:

I was hoping this could be a "so bad it's good" type of game, but I guess it's just bad.



Popyman said:

I still don't understand how crap like this makes it through Nintendo but stuff like Cave Story and La Mulana get turned down multiple times...



killer6370 said:

this shows that the Apocalypse is near crap like this gets released and good games dont see a release, the Wii u arrives and the 360 still has more power ^^ now the final proof that remains till the Apocalypse is a New Zelda game made by Zynga then the world really ends ^^



Morpheel said:

"LOL my last experiment didn't work, it actually created a stronger zombie!"
*Said with a big smile while pointing at the zombie.

That image alone is enough to tell me this game is to be avoided at all costs.



Raylax said:

I can't work out what Dr. Z's facial expression is supposed to represent. Happiness? Fear? Anguish? He looks like a man silently pleading to a psychopath to turn off the sound-triggered device that will unleash a thousand angry racoons, all trained to go straight for the crown jewels.



Mok said:

The doc looks like he's suffering from terrible zombie indigestion. Can't blame him, I would probably feel the same.



Wolfenstein83 said:

The gameplay looked like it could have been fun, but yeah, those graphics really are horrible.
The 3D models of those zombies look like something from the 32-bit era.
I would probly have to be an actual zombie to enjoy it.



MagicEmperor said:

My appendix ruptured back in 2008, and that was likely more entertaining than this piece of trash. I'll pass on this!



DarkEdi said:

I want a demo of this crap. A bad game sounds interesting to play just to hate it more. (But i never will spend my wiipoints in this crap).




I saw the youtube footage before this review was put up. Looked absolutely awful. Horrifying in the wrong way.



Gstewart said:

I thought they did a good trailer to be fair. It had Rock Music and everything.

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