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Let's Golf! 3D Review

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Posted by James Newton

Pitch perfect?

Gameloft's Let's Golf! 3D may be the first third-party 3DSWare title to download, but it's not the company's first swing at portable pitching and putting: DSiWare has the original Let's Golf!, so this new outing has to bring more to the table. In some ways it delivers, but it doesn't quite hit the pin.

For one thing, you're getting a lot more content here than in the predecessor: six characters instead of four, and six courses doubling its predecessor's three. Each character has his or her own unique skills ranging from super powerful shots to the ability to stop the ball dead on the green. These can only be used having played enough quality shots to fill your skill gauge, so you'll have to play well. If you hit a shot you really love, you can save the replay and view it later on, with 16 slots available.

Taking a shot is a simple affair: tap the ball once to start the swing gauge, again to set the power and once more to make contact. Timing is everything, but should you need a little help after the ball takes flight you can spin it with the Circle Pad or touch screen, a feature more subtle than it sounds.

Putting is handled in much the same way, but with a few unwanted flaws. While you can change the camera angle, you can't zoom in or pan across the green as you can on the fairway, making it tough to read the grain on medium putts, and all-but impossible on longer attempts. There's also, sometimes, a slight pause between starting your shot and the power bar appearing; nothing serious, just enough to put you off your rhythm. There are auto-putts, or ‘gimmies’ in golfing terms, when you're within a certain distance of the hole, which helps to speed things along, but Let's Golf! 3D's short game is weak overall.

It's a shame the end game isn't quite up to scratch then, as the game itself is commendably full of content. There's a lengthy career mode in which you increase your chosen character's statistics by winning medals in tournaments, with multiple challenges over the six courses spreading it out over many hours. There's a dedicated challenge mode too, in which you must face up to increasingly difficult objectives: getting the ball within a certain distance of the cup, holing a long putt and more. These are welcome breaks from the standard 9- or 18-hole game and act as nifty training tools too.

If you want to take a buddy out to the Links there's a two-player mode available, although it's one machine only in a hot seat fashion — no simultaneous wireless multiplayer here. Passing the console around does the job but a local multiplayer function would have been better.

Graphically, Let's Golf! 3D rarely hits the high notes: it very much resembles a souped-up mobile game, with a slightly shaky frame rate and some bland character modelling. The 3D effect adds some nice perspective to the long drives, but on the putting green it becomes a hindrance as the camera often passes through your character's head to follow the ball, breaking the illusion completely.


Let's Golf! 3D is a workmanlike golf title that plays it safe and holes out for par. There's little here that truly impresses, and although the 3D effect is occasionally used well, it feels poorly implemented at other times. This isn't a bad option, but there'll be better golf titles sooner rather than later.

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User Comments (84)



bboy2970 said:

What? A 6? Really? I was sort of expecting a 9....maybe an 8 at the lowest. And TBH, the review reads a lot more like a 7. The DSiWare game also got a 6. I'm afraid I don't follow the logic....the DSiWare game is much worse graphically, has less than half the content seen here, and costs a dollar more.....but they're still the same score? I usually agree with Nintendo Life but this time I disagree very strongly.



CanisWolfred said:

Shame, I was actually planning to get this one. Unfortunately there's no excuse for flawed putting. Maybe if they update it someday, I'll get it.



BalrogtheMaster said:

A 6? Geez that's really harsh, you reviewed the game as if it's a retail release. For $7, I thought I got a good deal. I got 6 courses, 8 characters that you level up (RE:Mercs style) and a crazily lengthy career mode. So what, the game's framerate is choppy and the 3D isn't amazing? IT'S GOLF. it mattered in Asphalt 3D but not here.

In short, I think this game deserves an 8.



bboy2970 said:

@Mickeymac: You really may want to reconsider. I have no idea what their problem is with the putting. You can look at the green from an over-head perspective with a grid overlayed on it. Just like most golf games the grid has little dashes moving along the grid lines at various speeds to represent the terrain. True, its a bit difficult to gauge the terrain with the naked eye but you don't have to. Rarely do I miss a putt and think the game is at fault for it. Oh, and when you start a putt, they show you exactly how your ball will go if you hit it right there. Its easy to gauge it from there.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Reading the review I was also expecting a 7 and surprised by the 6. I'm not going to argue though. The two player mode sounds like it really hinders the enjoyment. So it's understandable. Pretty decent for a first original eShop game.



CanisWolfred said:

Speaking of the 3D, does it make things easier to judge distance? That might be an important factor as to whether or not I get it.



tylers_username said:

guys, what can you possibly expect from an iphone game developer that releases a "revolutionary" new iphone game every week that are just crappy unwanted of ripoffs of everything (including legend of zelda).



bboy2970 said:

@Mickymac: I'd love to tell you that it does but not really. TBH the 3D is used very subtly here. Probably because its just a port and wasn't made with the 3DS in mind. Basically what you're getting here is a golf game with simple, classic but very effective, fun controls and gameplay with 3D that's just nice to have but not a necessity. The career is very very meaty and the inclusion of achievements and challenges is very appreciated. I've sunk roughly 8 hours into it so far and only have like 25% of career and achievements and 50% of the challenges done. Also, the multiplayer is fine. I've played multiple games with my step sister and its quite well done. It would have been nice to have multiplayer but honestly, given the attach rate of 3DS and the amount of people I know who have one, I actually prefer single system 2 player if we can only have one. For 7 dollars you could do so much worse. I bought 5 3DS launch titles and like this game a lot more than 3 of them. It really is a great game and IMO one of the better ones you can purchase on 3DS right now. The only issue is a slightly choppy frame rate and longer load times than I might have liked. All in all though, a really great, fun game.



bboy2970 said:

@Oregano: I would say the issues here would be something that shouldn't be forgiven....if this was a 40 dollar retail game. For 7 bucks and having it always on the system, I can forgive a few weird technical issues. Even to someone being very critical of it I could only see them giving a seven. I just don't really understand a six...



TooManyToasters said:

I have to disagree with your review James. LG3D is a fun and above average title. I would have given it an 8 myself.

For one thing. There are 6 courses but there are also many objectives to complete to unlock new outfits/characters. It's certainly not original having borrowed from Hot Shots and all. But unlike HS it can be played in short bursts, just like a handheld title should play.

Some play modes are indeed frustrating but you can skip them for now and then go back to those anytime.



CanisWolfred said:


I see. I may still get it, since it's nice to have a Golf game every once in a while, but It's not a high priority right now.


Despite being ripoffs, Gameloft's games are usually pretty well made, and several of their games have pretty high scores on this site (Zenonia deservedly recieving a 9).




What's funny to me is how everyone is knocking on this game saying how great the review is, and they haven't even played it. How about you get some feedback from gamers who don't think about games as far as a number rating system? I've been playing it a lot, and the bottom line is that it's a blast.

Check this thread http://boards.ign.com/nintendo_3ds_lobby/b25212/204331619/p1/?17 and have a look at how many other folks are really having fun with it.



Moco_Loco said:

This game is a 9, this I know, because Lucas M. Thomas told me so.

In all seriousness, though, this is where a demo would really help me decide. The reviews, both from websites and users, have ranged from "meh" to "it's awesome," and I just can't figure out if this is worth a purchase or not.



Bankai said:

Good review. I was harsher on the game personally, but I no longer have any patience for Gameloft's practice of taking other people's good ideas, and ripping them off entirely, removing the game's soul in the process.

So what if there's a lot of content? It plays blandly, it looks terrible and the presentation of menus, character design and everything else is generic and boring to the extreme.

What I can't believe is that people defend this tripe. Any other developer, and this lack of creativity would see nothing but derision.



bboy2970 said:

@Hyperstar96: I am. Its not often that a Gameloft game shines like this and it makes me irritated that it was scored like this. Gameloft deserves better for FINALLY making something worthwhile. A lot of other stuff they put out (not everything but a lot of it) is cringe-worthy. So yep, I'm defending this poor little game to the end



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Still really on the fence about this. A portable golf game would sure be nice and no i dont have an iphone/pad device.



bboy2970 said:

@Kainard: Get it!! Even if you had an iDevice I wouls still say to get this one. I don't buy Apple products so I've never played that version but from what I understand, it is 2 dollars cheaper and offers online instead of same system 2 player. With the 3DS game you pay 2 dollars more but get button control (I've played with touch on 3DS and it doesn't come close to buttons), same system multiplayer (preferable to online for me. I never would play online on a golf game personally), and 3D graphics which are nice to have but don't truly add anything. Just having buttons would be enough for me to spring for this version but you don't have an iDevice anyway so back to my original point....buy this!



Oregano said:

@bboy2970: I think the general stability of software has to be judged regardless of the price. I can deal with a download game having less content or not looking as good as a retail equivalent but the game should fundamentally work properly.



bboy2970 said:

@Oregano: See, I'm just the opposite. I'll be a lot quicker to forgive a framerate hiccup here or there than I will be to forgive lack of content or having wonky controls. And just to clarigy, the framrate here isn't that bad. The only truly choppy times are the 1 second before a load screen and 1 second after a load screen. Other than that, the occasional hiccup is literally all it is. Personally I'd be a lot more upset over the load times than framrate but whatever.



ToadFan said:

A 6? I was thinking at least a 7, and IGN even gave it a 9. This is a kinda harsh review, IMO



siavm said:

Weird I want this game and this site is trying to stop me. But $7 and 9 from ign makes me want it. So I may just get it.



LordAndrew said:

I got impatient waiting for the NintendoLife review and decided to download the game.

I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I like playing through career mode and improving my characters' abilities while getting medals and trophies. It has some technical issues like lag and slow loading, but I've been dealing with it fine.

The 3D effect could be better though. It's very subtle. 3D could have been helpful for determining the height of the green from overhead, but unfortunately it's not. Instead I have to rely on coloured grid lines, and I don't remember their meaning. That's my main issue so far. I plan to keep playing.



Corbs said:

I shall wait for Hot Shots Golf Vita then. I tried this briefly the other night and it just felt entirely too clunky. Come on Nintendo, bring us Mario Golf on 3DS. PLEASE!



Oregano said:

@Corbs: I'm sorry but I'd much rather have Golden Sun on 3DS... wait were Camelot even the developer of the later Mario Golf games?



Corbs said:

I wouldn't mind another developer doing the Mario Golf game. Heck, let Retro do it.



BalrogtheMaster said:

@Oregano To tell you the truth, I'm done with Golden Sun after Dark Dawn (It feels too dated now). I'd rather them make Mario Golf 3D or even better, Shining Force 3D!



Kyloctopus said:

Golf is boring, Mario Power Tennis was one of my favorite Gamecube titles.
I hope we find a new Mario Tennis 3D title in the future (I also wouldn't mind the N64 one, the GBC, the GBA one or the Virtual Boy one.
@ turtlelink
I found games like Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Hoops 3 on 3 good too. But they weren't developed by Camelot.



Slapshot said:

I downloaded the first game on my PSP, played it for about 30-min and deleted it for pure boredom!

@bboy Gameloft has crafted a few great titles: Souls of Darkness, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, to name a few, instead of this shameless ripoff of a fantastic Sony franchise.



tanookisuit said:

I've been mulling this sucker over since it came out. While I no longer can justify more than maybe $20 on a golf game anymore as I just can't use one enough to get the value, this one looks like Gameloft for once didn't screw one up. At $7 there's a lot there, and reading comments made due to the review the short game doesn't appear all that broken to me, it's more of complaining about a preference. While I think the IGN score was inflated, I think 6 is a tad harsh. From all I've watched in video, seen from owners, and other things I'd more put it at a 7-8 range area type title as there are areas that could use a little help, but there's plenty done right too.



Corbs said:

I logged over 600 hours on the original Hot Shots Golf on PSP. There is probably no game in my 30 years of playing that I've put more time into than that one. But I'd love to see a new Mario Golf, not matter who develops it, at least as long as it's good.



CaPPa said:

For $7 I think this is a pretty good game.
The putting could be better and it could have offered a few more views; but I've played games like Tiger Woods before so I'm used to trying to judge the lay of the green by those gradient colours and arrows.
I haven't noticed any framerate issues, at least not any that actually effect the gameplay (do European 3DS games play differently to North American ones, for example like the slower Snes PAL console releases were?). The 3D is a little dissapointing though as it doesn't actually make much difference to the gameplay but at least it's consistant (it doesn't turn into a mess as the controls are simple). If it was a $40 game then I might think that it was a 6, but considering the price I'd score it an easy 8.



Hardy83 said:

If you want a 3DSWare game, you really don't have much of a choice other then wait.
But I would agree with this review. It's nothing special.



Supremeist said:

After playing the game for 6 hours I agree with the score. The games 3D seems horribly implemented at times.



tehG said:

as the only 3DSWare game, and only 7$, it's not a bad purchase. It's not amazing, but it emulates Hot Shots, and Mario Golf really well. Unless some framerate issues (it's a golf game so that only hurts presentation) and horribly generic character and course design ruin the game for you, then don't buy it. Their are a few flaws with the gameplay, but those flaws are mostly small nitpicks.



zionich said:

My biggest complaint about the game is the noticable lag in menus and through some gameplay. I would rate it around a 7 personally, but would also encourage anyone who enjoys Golf to pick it up. Its worth it for the price.



Supremeist said:

Don't get me wrong, I really like the game, but a 6 is what I would rate it too. For 7 dollars It's really good, but some of the flaws are quite annoying. I don't play with the 3D on.



Spoony_Tech said:

This game is a mixed bag for me. not the best ive ever played but i think it gets the job done for the most part. 3d does nothing at all. Frame rate is choppy at times. Character animation is suspect. Animals dont belong in a golf game imo but far away they look fine but up close ugly 2d sprites. Music gets really annoying fast but with all that said im getting enjoyment out of this. The putting has given me no problems and i finally got the spin down. Good for what it is and its only 7 bucks. Tons of content and a decent presentation. I'd give it a 7 but barely just for fun factor. Ive played many a golf game as well. From the tiger woods to all the mario golfs.



TheUnknownGame said:

I love Gameloft for making Soul of Darkness, but this game was doomed to be one of their "Meh" games.



homopod said:

What? A 6? Don't make me laugh.
This game is a solid 7
Ok, James, you're right ))



James said:

From our scoring policy (I've added emphasis):

"This game is not good enough to rush out and buy without doing your homework. Whilst you should approach with a degree of caution you might still really enjoy this game. A good example of a six is a lazy sequel, it doesn't innovate but it doesn't really do anything wrong. Other games with a six may be flawed in crucial areas."

That totally sums up how I feel about this game. It's not an 8/10 or 9/10 game by any stretch of the imagination.



Kagamine said:

a six really? usually i agree with almost all your reviews, but a six? the bugs aren't bad, for example the putting meter being delayed, just wait for it to come back, it bounces back once it reaches the end. plenty of characters, challenges, courses, definitely make it at least a 7. I would have personally given it an 8. Plus there's no need to "zoom" while putting, there is a guiding grid! Multiplayer is still fun, most people i know don't have a 3ds, so wireless would have been a waste. Well, that's my rant, hope people read the comments before making their decision. after all, a review only provides one persons opinion, and it appears that many people agree it deserves more than a 6.



Dyl_73 said:

I think that this game is great. Whilst it may not be on a par, (sorry), with Everybodys Golf or Pangya, it is still great fun. There is plenty to unlock, and enough courses to keep you going for a while. Admittedly, the putting could have done with a little tweaking but it is still manageable. The 3D is a nice addition and makes it look fancy but it isn't of any benefit to the actual gameplay.
For a game that costs £5.40 I think it is excellent value for money.

You've got to wonder if game developers are still just testing the waters to see how well 3DS games sell, (both retail and download). Maybe they don't want to spend too much time and money sorting out minor flaws for potentially no benefit in the number of sales of their games.



Corbs said:

Maybe they don't want to spend too much time and money sorting out minor flaws for potentially no benefit in the number of sales of their games.

That is not the kind of company I want to support with my money if that was indeed their attitude towards this game, or any of their games for that matter. You don't see a developer like WayForward taking that approach, no matter how low they expect sales to be.



Bankai said:

@60 Gameloft has no interest in quality at all. It's a company that makes knockoffs. Just like how a knockoff Nike shoe looks the same but falls apart the day after you buy it, Gameloft games might kinda look the part, but invariably they're a fraction of the quality of the real thing.

There's no excuses for that approach to making games. It's massively unethical and actually boarders on IP theft. I'm shocked no one has tried to sue Gameloft yet. I know I would.



daznsaz said:

zenonias by gamevil id get the golf game if it was free dont really buy sport games it does look good but not my thing



NiBar said:

I will give it i a high 8. The game is clearly superior to the dsi version. It actually has double up in courses and characters and in glourious 3d and it's cheap. It costs only the half of the dsi version which was given a 7(!) It's clear to say that this 3d version is great value for money and deserves a lot of downloads.




This was a rated ios game. Just goes to show u how many of the games over there r overrated. However, I'd still give it a 7 myself having played it.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

I'm only bothered with the lag issues at random times. And sure, the quality of the game isn't great, Gameloft was never really interesting in that factor. But I like the gameplay very well and, they could have put a lot more use to it such as the Gyrosensor gameplay and we might see it sometimes later for "bigger" golf games indeed.

But right now, that is still too far ahead. The game is decent for a 6€, and now is the time to buy.



Dyl_73 said:

@ Corbs
"That is not the kind of company I want to support with my money if that was indeed their attitude towards this game, or any of their games for that matter. You don't see a developer like WayForward taking that approach, no matter how low they expect sales to be."

That's a fair comment. However, they are still in the business to make money. And spending time sorting out minor flaws is going to cost money. If they don't think that it will affect sales then why waste money when it could be better spent on the next project where they can, (hopefully), use their knowledge gained to make the next game better. Whether we like it or not, these companies are in it for the money. Just look at some of the bigger developers efforts. Call of Duty is churned out each year and Black Ops was pretty naff. They have probably read the comments made in reviews and message boards and it is to be hoped that MW3 has been developed with those comments in mind. Otherwise sales figures will slowly drop.
All I am saying is that there has to be a point where it is not worth putting any more money / effort into a game because it isn't considered profitable. Finding that point is, I imagine, a very tricky thing to do.



Blaze said:

That is harsh. I'd give it a 7.5, I was really impressed especially by the great 3D effects and wide variety of game options. Also the fact that this isn't a minigame like most of DSiWare, it is a proper game with a progressive career with lots of unlockables. I don't think it's amazing but it's good. 7.5 in my opinion.



CanisWolfred said:

I really don't care who they're knocking off, so long as it's fun. I need a Golf game that's cheap and I can take on the go, so it might as well be this.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@WaltzElf Who cares about creativity if the copied ideas are good ones and implemented well?

@40 Don't forget about my favorite Gameloft game, TV Show King 2.

I disagree that wireless multiplayer would be better. With the multiplayer structured this way, I can use it without the other player needing his/her own 3DS with this game. I'm putting this game on my Wishlist.



SwerdMurd said:

You guys remember that companies exist to make money, right? The reason Gameloft takes this approach is that it lets them spam a really high volume of games, and thanks to consumer idiocy, people keep buying them.

Keep doing your thing Gameloft. A few of your games are actually pretty fun and you're making a killing. People with bad taste deserve to be taken advantage of.

And yeah Zach...wireless multiplayer being superior to hot-seat on a take-turns golf game when virtually no one on earth owns a 3DS yet? Come on man...there's no rationalizing that one. Hot seat wins, hands down. All take-turns games should feature a hot-seat option, period.

I could see myself getting this at some point. Not a bad offering for the first 3DSWare game. 7 dollars for mostly full-featured golf game vs. 6 dollars for..../shudder...Xevious. Hmmmmmmmmm...



Nintendawg said:

Downloaded the game yesterday and I'm loving it so far! This review is a bit on the harsh side, but at the end of the day it's just another opinion, right (just like yours, SwerdMurd - "consumer idiocy", "bad taste" etc.)?
As long as you're having fun with a game, that's all that matters.
Plus, at only 7 bucks it's a steal!



Samholy said:

6/10 ? geez. i rarely say this for a review here on nintendo life, but this one can have 7/10 easily.
you gotta consider how much time the makers had to create a game for a new console. meaning new dev kit material, new way of doing for that 3d effect,etc. for the money they ask, this is an achievement.
im sure it could be better with more time invested for it, but for what it is, its quite good. if you like golf games that is.

and being portable, being rather cheap for a title that could easily be a retail one, it can have its 7, at least. heck, some retail 3ds title has less content and less quality than this one.
this is an eshop title, dont expect to have a 45$ retail game qualitywise title there, even if in my opinion, this one does.



LiquidHawk said:

I disagree with the score. This game deserves at LEAST a mid-to-high 8, if not a 9. I have played the game for about 60 hours, and so far I have finished all of the challenges, but I only finished 65% of the career mode so far. Career mode is INSANELY ADDICTIVE. I could not stop playing after I first tried it. I'm still trying to unlock all the rest of the gold medals. I've only finished max-leveling up one character, and I STILL haven't touched all the other characters yet. I also have only unlocked about half the achievements, clothes, and equipment so far. While there are some minor gameplay issues, they are very tolerable, the game is a lot more fun than the review makes it out to be. I'd say it would take at LEAST 90 solid hours to get 100% in the game, and all of that content is a STEAL at $7. All the content alone makes this game easily worth $30 bare minimum.



Tate24 said:

yea click on gold statue on right hand side!

Ive got to say am no fan of golf! but after taking chance on this am happy say its a complete blast!! it reminds me mario golf.
The locates are bright and vibrant and offer some nice unique areas to play in like safari course with zebra's and elephants walking across your playing field or even mount olympu playing golf around huge temple or even travelling to arctic circle.

Each hole has own look, traps, pit fall etc making each hole feel unique.

Medal can won or found in all of courses you play. There are 8 charaters to play as each with own special power move. and ability to custmise hair, clothes, balls lol etc...

and its also got 2 - player hot seat mode!

and its very addicting!

However it does have choppy frame rate issue when playing with cpu character? sometimes this can lead to the game crashing (happen to me twice now) witch is a shame!

wish gameloft would send use update repair this problem but cant see that happening.

But all in all its real great game and once u start its difficult to put down.

Id give it 8/10 it would of got higher if problems were sorted out and if it have sum type online leaderboards or download 2-player option.

Still recommend this anyone who looking for mario golf clone on 3DS!!

Since this only golf game so far and beening first 3DSware title it would be shame miss out on its fun factor



Smavey said:

I completely agree with the written part of the review minus the putting (the putting is easy and fun, it's not hard at all to see what's going on), but the end score seems very low. I have been having a good time with this game, and am happy I bought it (which I did after I saw a few other great reviews of this game on youtube)



Azikira said:

I trust your guys' opinions here at NL significantly more then the people at IGN, and I am glad I read here too, because from what they wrote it sounded like "the perfect game". XD



Blue_Yoshi said:

A 6? IGN praised this game telling everyone it was a killer app for 3DSWare and gave it a 9



Etherkon said:

6 is too low. I enjoyed this game and I think it was lot of fun. There was little problems with the framerate but that shouldn't be enough.
However I liked the Golf Touch's gameplay better than this ones but this
has more content.

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