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Pick from 8 unique characters, each with their own special powers and play on 108 holes in 6 far-out 3D locations like the Mayan jungle.

Thanks to the 3D Screen, you’ll see the distance to the green and your ball trajectory like never before. Unlock new gear like hats and clubs to customise your character and unlock new powers as you gain experience like rewinding time.

You can even grab a friend for exciting multiplayer matches on the same Nintendo 3DS system to share the fun!

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Posted by James Newton

Pitch perfect?

Gameloft's Let's Golf! 3D may be the first third-party 3DSWare title to download, but it's not the company's first swing at portable pitching and putting: DSiWare has the original Let's Golf!, so this new outing has to bring more to the table. In some...

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User Comments (17)



pixelman said:

Hopefully this means we'll get some of Gameloft's iPhone shooters in the near future. :3



GARF13LD said:

Glad I saved some points, I do love a bit of golf, can't wait for a Tiger Woods 3D installment, and a Pangya or Super Swing.



Supremeist said:

I have to say, this game looks absolutely beautiful, and with online multiplayer.. Instant purchase for me.



winter123 said:

I've had LG1 for HTC evo and I just recently bought LG2 for HTC Evo 3d. The 3d is pretty good and theres a LOT of improvements over the first one (Though its still not perfect). Being able to hit physical buttons to select clubs and stop the power bar would make things a lot easier. But... is this the first game or the second? (If it's the first, I'm not interested as 2 is far superior)



tovare said:

A really nice casual game with a slow ramp-up in difficulty :-) (In the beginning I had a hard time figuring out where the gameplay was ... it does become better)



James said:

@Bossmank Whoops, so I see :) Just wanted to let him know with the 3DS version the option for buttons is there :) Review should be up soon!



tehG said:

This game is addicting! I hope alot of people buy it just so we can get more 3DSWare, and it also helps that the game is great lol.



sam322 said:

you know what, i just changed my mind. I think im going to buy this title.
I was surprised when IGN gave it a 9.0!

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