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Fri 5th Aug 2011

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LiquidHawk commented on Review: Let's Golf! 3D (3DSWare):

I disagree with the score. This game deserves at LEAST a mid-to-high 8, if not a 9. I have played the game for about 60 hours, and so far I have finished all of the challenges, but I only finished 65% of the career mode so far. Career mode is INSANELY ADDICTIVE. I could not stop playing after I first tried it. I'm still trying to unlock all the rest of the gold medals. I've only finished max-leveling up one character, and I STILL haven't touched all the other characters yet. I also have only unlocked about half the achievements, clothes, and equipment so far. While there are some minor gameplay issues, they are very tolerable, the game is a lot more fun than the review makes it out to be. I'd say it would take at LEAST 90 solid hours to get 100% in the game, and all of that content is a STEAL at $7. All the content alone makes this game easily worth $30 bare minimum.