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Rabbids 3D Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Let’s do the time warp, again

If you’re a Nintendo gamer and have never seen a Rabbid before, you might be the only one. Whether you’ve bought the titles or not, these wacky critters have had a number of releases, of varying standards and styles, released on the Wii and DS. Their ubiquitous nature has made them mascots of sorts for Ubisoft, and the release of Rabbids 3D on the 3DS sees them go up against their former master, Rayman. It’s also their first foray into 2D platforming, bursting out of the gate ahead of a certain moustachioed plumber. Can the rabbids steal the spotlight?

We can get through the storyline nice and quickly; the rabbids are snooping around a museum, encounter a time-travelling washing machine, and promptly leap in for an adventure. The same story was used, for an entirely different kind of title, in Rabbids Travel in Time on the Wii. The story matters little, though in one sense this is one of the most multi-dimensional games ever produced: a 2D platformer, in 3D, where you use the fourth dimension to travel in time. That’s enough different dimensions to make Einstein’s head spin.

Once you recover from this intellectual conundrum you are faced with a one player adventure to test your platforming skills. Your progress is split into four different time zones, each with 16 levels to play through. In each time zone around four of these levels need to be unlocked by earning a set number of points. For each level you boost your score by collecting coins, rubber ducks and defeating rival Rabbids, and you can also play time attack and mission modes in each level. The mission mode tasks you with objectives such as collecting all items, defeating all enemies and so on, while the time attack is a rush through the level. If you want to unlock every level in the game you will need to complete some of these extras, but annoyingly, the game doesn’t record your results in these challenges, so you may accidentally do the same time attack or mission multiple times.

Collecting all of these points gives you a variety of other unlockables. The least interesting are 3D dioramas and artwork pictures, and while those with ‘collect ‘em all’ instincts will be pleased that there are plenty of them, they’re nothing special. The best unlockables by far are the costumes: not only can you dress your Rabbid up in a variety of fun outfits, but you can wear the outfit as you play. We enjoyed seeing our crazy critter hop over spike pits while wearing a rather dapper suit and hat, and young gamers in particular may have a lot of fun with this feature.

The controls in Rabbids 3D are a strong point, which is important in the enjoyment of the game. You jump with A, pick up items or enemies with B, kick enemies with X and sprint with R. We would have preferred to sprint with one of the four face buttons, especially considering that Y goes unused, but once we adjusted to the shoulder button it worked just fine. You can move the rabbid with either the circle pad or D-Pad; the Circle Pad is more naturally placed but we preferred the precision offered by the D-Pad. The controls work well, and manoeuvring through levels feels precise and enjoyable.

Backing up the controls are solid animations and visuals. The movement feels natural and allows you to manage your various jumps, attacks and sprints with confidence. The overall package of visuals is quite pleasing on the eyes, with a bright and colourful art design, and the 3D effect has no noticeable impact on the frame rate while giving a nice depth to the background. Some of the backgrounds, it must be said, are blurry and lacking in detail, while others are vivid and sharp; it’s a mixed bag. The sound includes typical Rabbid sound-bites and ‘waaaaahhh’ noises, while the music is pleasing in the background.

One area where this title falls short is in the level design, and this has a significant impact on the game’s difficulty. If a young or inexperienced gamer is playing, and that is arguably the target audience, then the levels pose a reasonable challenge. For more experienced gamers the challenge is less so; those who have conquered the toughest 2D platformers over the years can finish the game in under eight hours with many lives in hand. A lack of variety and innovation in the levels leads to a sense of repetition, with some feeling like a re-skinned version of those that have come before. That’s not to say that there aren’t some good moments, as a few sparks of inspiration bring a smile to the face. Considering the 3D technology available, however, this title fails to utilise creative design to get the most out of the device, an example being the shifting perspectives seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii.


Rabbids 3D is a solid, enjoyable 2D platformer particularly suited to less experienced gamers. There are 64 levels, 4 worlds and a lot of unlockables to pursue. The ability to play the game in a variety of outfits is also a fun addition for children and big kids alike. There is, however, a sense of missed opportunity: the level design is often disappointing, with only the occasional creative spark brightening the experience. Young gamers will enjoy the bright visuals, rabbid humour and accessible difficulty. Experienced gamers may find the title repetitive and easy, so they should think carefully before buying.

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The Rabbids are back and bwwwaagh-ier than ever! A 2D/3D platform game starring the crazy critters is heading to Nintendo 3DS, and here it is

User Comments (36)



Corbs said:

I'll be picking this one up. Can't turn down a platformer.



Slapshot said:

Great review Thomas!

I think I fall under the "big kid" title, so I think I'll have to give this a rental.

With Rayman 3D, one of my favorite platform gamers, it just feels so Nintendo, and that is something that has been lacking with the release titles on 3DS, outside of Pilotwings. It seems that this title has the Nintendo vibe as well, and I think it warrants a play through from me.



NintyMan said:

I'll get around to it when I have the money. The costume part really interests me, and if the game is fine, then I don't see the harm in trying it out. It might not be Donkey Kong Country Returns, but if it's as close to classic Mario as a third-party can get, then that's great.



Fuzzy said:

It's not too bad. It looks good, and plays well, but it does get a little bit boring. But I'm having fun with it. On the third world now, so will give a final verdict once I've played through it all.

Also, is there any way to skip the intro when you turn the game on? It's good to watch the first time, but annoying every other time.



Yasume said:

I love platformers, but they have to be challenging imo. There are a few platformers that I bought for the full price and beat within 3 hours in the past and I've learned from that. I will probably pick this up for a low price in a year or 2.



Sneaker13 said:

Hmm, I have to wait for it to become cheaper.But I like platformers and the rabbids.



Bass_X0 said:

Never played a Rabbids game before. Unless I win the 3DS competition, I don't intend to either.



nasachi said:

almost all Ubisoft-games are ****... as expected ^^

waiting for more Nintendo/Capcom/... topclass-games



suburban_sensei said:

I am not a huge Rabbids fan, so I won't be picking this title up, but I am aching for a great 2.5 D platformer!



shinesprite said:

I was amazed to find a this Rabbids trilogy pack at best buy last week when I tried out the 3DS. I would've got it, were it not that I have 2-3, and borrowed and thoroughly played a friend's copy of the first.

My advice for newcomers: get the trilogy!



JRL186 said:

I was happily waiting for this to come out. 6 isn't too bad, I love me some platformers!!! Nice review.



DaBlobKips said:

When i first heard of this, i was expecting a rabbids go home kind of experience, not knowing it was a platformer. I'll get rayman when i get my 3DS



Linkuini said:

I get the impression that Rabbids Go Home was a bit more inventive than this is. The shopping cart movement fit the Rabbids' personalities way more than careful running and jumping ever would.



WaveBoy said:

Even if this game scored a 10 I'd still pass. God I hate those Wascally Wabbids!



Henmii said:

"Collecting all of these points gives you a variety of other unlockables. The least interesting are 3D dioramas and artwork pictures, and while those with ‘collect ‘em all’ instincts will be pleased that there are plenty of them, they’re nothing special. The best unlockables by far are the costumes: not only can you dress your Rabbid up in a variety of fun outfits, but you can wear the outfit as you play"

Funny how people can differ. I love to collect artwork in games, but couldn't care less about suits/skins. If I love a game, I want to unlock everything. But I try a unlocked suit/skin once, then never use it again.



justmike said:

I got this in a bundle with my 3DS. I have to agree with the review, the game is about 6-6.5 out of 10.

The thing is, it's pretty enjoyable. You could tell it was a rushed title. The levels needed more variety, but later on, they do excel, but I think a bit too late in the game.

Other then having 16 levels per world and only have 4 worlds, it should of been split into 8 levels per world and have more of different environments to host those levels.

The 3D is nice, but limited. But then again, you could see that they were appealing to a younger audience with this. So, depends on who plays it. Younger kids, this title could be a solid 8 for them. But, as a 'bigger kid', this review is pretty spot on.



brandonbwii said:

Nice review. I would've preferred that Corbie reviewed it though as I always thought of him as the platformer guy. In other words if Corbs didn't like it, then it's likely quite bad.



xxx_Kirby_xxx said:

It's a jump to the left....and then a step to the ri-i-i-ight! Put your hands on your hips..... xD I like the Rabbids.... <3



ImDiggerDan said:

Got this for my son as I figured it'd be a bit easier than Rayman or Star Wars for him. He's enjoying it, I'll play it a bit if I run out of other things to do.

Like a few of the launch games I've experienced, this feels a little rushed and unpolished. Particularly the menus and other non-gameplay areas. It's crazy that you can't see which levels you have completed all the challenges in, for example.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the review, Thomas.
I kinda thought it would turn out like this.

Corbs wrote:

I'll be picking this one up. Can't turn down a platformer.

Same here. I'll just wait until the price drops to about 20€.

ImDiggerDan wrote:

It's crazy that you can't see which levels you have completed all the challenges in, for example.

I'm sure they just wanted to fully utilize the "suspend and go to the notepad" feature.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Fuzzy - I couldn't find a way to skip the Ubisoft intro either, I tried every button with no success. Considering the number of times I've fired up the game that's around 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back!
@LTD - you might be onto something with the notepad feature, shame on me for not using it...

I'm glad a few people picked up on the Rocky Horror reference, best (and strangest) musical ever!



zool said:

I'm playing Rabbids 3ds now and I would score it 7 or 8 /10. It plays like Kirby Wii, in that the game play is similar; easy to complete a level but the idea of the game is to collect coins or win trophies. And the 3D graphics in a 2D game works well.
It is no more or less a childs game that Kirby Wii is and that scored 10/10.



Kyloctopus said:

I agree too, but kirby level design was unique though, and the graphics were over the top. It's either Kirby was overrated or Rabbids was underrated.



Millie said:

It's such an amazing game. I don't regret making it my first 3DS game ever. My next choice is Rayman 3D

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