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Mon 4th Oct 2010

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justmike commented on Review: Rabbids 3D (3DS):

I got this in a bundle with my 3DS. I have to agree with the review, the game is about 6-6.5 out of 10.

The thing is, it's pretty enjoyable. You could tell it was a rushed title. The levels needed more variety, but later on, they do excel, but I think a bit too late in the game.

Other then having 16 levels per world and only have 4 worlds, it should of been split into 8 levels per world and have more of different environments to host those levels.

The 3D is nice, but limited. But then again, you could see that they were appealing to a younger audience with this. So, depends on who plays it. Younger kids, this title could be a solid 8 for them. But, as a 'bigger kid', this review is pretty spot on.