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Fri 4th Mar 2011

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JRL186 commented on Review: Rabbids 3D (3DS):

I was happily waiting for this to come out. 6 isn't too bad, I love me some platformers!!! Nice review.



JRL186 commented on Review: Rayman 3D (3DS):

Awesome!! I've never played any of the Rayman 2 games on any system. Heard it was a pretty good game, so I decided to pick it up for the 3DS. Thanks for the review. Sounds like it should be good for a newbie.



JRL186 commented on Review: My Little Baby (WiiWare):

OK...... so, what happens if you fail to keep the baby happy and healthy? If it's upset does it throw things and scream? If it gets too unhealthy does it die? Do you see it suffering? By the way, No, I'm not having children.... Ever.