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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Delivering what the DSi should've already had.

Until now, Nnooo only released one arcade-like highscore game on WiiWare and DSiWare. And though one game is hardly enough to go by, we were still quite surprised to find out that their next project was not another game, but rather a simple application.

myNotebook pretty much does what the title implies - It gives you a virtual notebook consisting of 32 pages, on which you can leave all sorts of messages, notes, doodles and drawings. When you think about it now, it's actually really weird that such a feature was not included on the DSi from the get-go.

The application is displayed Brain Training/Age style - which means holding your DS on its side. When you first start it up you'll be presented with the notebook's cover, on which you can write your name. After that, you're pretty much free to do whatever you want. Using the D-pad or Y/A buttons, you flip through the pages until you've got the one you want to use on your touch screen, after which you can begin to write or draw on it.

There are only a few features available here, but they get the job done. You can use either thin or thick lines, lined paper or grid paper, and five colours, namely black, white, red, green and blue. You can also choose to draw freely or use lines - when you select this, you will be able to pull lines from one location to another before releasing the touch screen and making the line stick. Naturally, you also have the ability to erase things manually or simply clear the whole page.

To add some incentive to start myNotebook up often, Nnooo has also thrown in some unlockable styles of paper to use. There are 8 unlockable types of lined paper, and 8 types of grid paper, which you will get by simply using the program frequently enough.

Finally it should be noted that myNotebook is being released three times, as myNotebook: Blue, myNotebook: Red and myNotebook: Green. The only difference between these is that the lines on each page of the notebook will have the colour given in the title, so if your favourite colour is red, it might be smart to wait for that version to come out.


Although it'll seem like another pointless DSiWare application to most, myNotebook offers a very simple feature that should've been included on the DSi in the first place. And there's really no arguing with that, especially considering the fact it's only 200 DSi Points - the cheapest price possible.

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Here is the official myNotebook "Boxes" video showing a fun game you and a friend can play using the myNotebook application

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Will definitely be picking this up...probably two of them in fact. Great job on the review, Drake; it's nice to know that it controls just as simply as I had hoped!



SpaghettiToastBook said:

Short review, but I guess there's not much to write about in the first place. Also, there's a missing "o" in "Nnooo" in the third last paragraph.




Agreed that it should've been in the DSi to start with (what were Nintendo thinking; or rather what weren't they thinking). Good on Nnooo for getting this app on the DSi. I need a storage solution, however.



Xkhaoz said:

Cool. Oh, and theres a mistake. 200 point isn't the cheapest, free is.



RyuZebian said:

... Okay, I just got this and Pop+Solo. This app is pretty basic, but at the same time slightly essential... Yeah. A must have for the ones who wanna fill their DSi with applications. Like me!



jangonov said:

I am buying at least 2. One for actual note taking and one for stupid things like doodles and such. When I was a kid, I had a steno pad most of the time to write things down. Now I don't need paper



King_Elemento said:

There should be an option to price downloads at 100 points. Most apps should be at that price. But with that option, I can see a lot of low-budget shovelware being on the service... not like there isn't already, but I mean moreso.



Toon_Link said:

The very first environmentally friendly DSi app!
We should have DSis with myNotebook in school instead of notebooks!



Sylverstone said:

I'm still undecided on whether to spring for this.

It looks good, and Nintendo should've pre-loaded this app for realz.

Well good job, Nnooo and hope to see more great DSiWare games and apps from you!

Cool review Drake. Short, spicy and to the point.



Chunky_Droid said:

Awesome, thanks Nnooo! I'll be picking this up, I don't care what colour it is either . Need something to keep track of my Pokemon training and this'll do nicely



Nnooo said:

Thanks for the great review (again) guys.

Couple of things worth noting is there are several unlockable paper types for both lined and gridded paper. Most are unlocked through use however 3 lined and 3 gridded are unlocked by owning Pop+ Solo, the myNotebook Red and myNotebook Green (ie one unlockable paper type for each).



hilozs said:

Isn't the "cheapest price possible" free?
Oh well, looks cool I guess.



Cipher said:

Tenner says Nintendo's gonna release their own version of this if it's popular enough. Well, sorry, Nintendo, you're too late already.



Nnooo said:

@ror44 We could have done that. However because we are limited with the amount of space we can use we decided to allow people to download more notebooks. The easiest way for people to differentiate which notebook they have versus the one they don't is by colour.

We can also release more colours in the future should people fill up the ones they have and/or there is high demand for different colours



Mendoza said:

This is for typical casual gamers who play Brain games for most of the time. For the more hardcore I recommend Paper Plane, Pyoro (Birds and Beans) and above all Army Defender, which totally rocks



Nnooo said:

1-6 are unlocked with myNotebook Blue, 7 is red (I think), 8 is green (or vice versa) and 9 is Pop+ Solo.

You unlock more through writing and the number of times you use the app.




Let's just hope that tomorrow's update includes more than this priceless app! Here's to a great batch of DSiWare tomorrow!



sonic_brawler95 said:

@nnooo- Wow, thats awesome, you can unlock things by owning Pop+? Now I'm REALLY excited!
I can't wait for your future DSiware releases!



FATEM said:

Today I urgently needed to write some stuff down before realising I had left my pen at home and had no paper. This just became an urgent download.



KDR_11k said:

Even if I wanted it I'd skip it because I've used the note function on my PDA (bigger screen with a better resolution) and found that I can't fit a lot of text on a screen.



joebish said:

To everyone who thinks it should be free: This is a third party company here. It costs money to advertise, it costs money to put the app on DSiWare. If they made this free they would lose money.



RedYoshi999 said:

Thanks Nnooo!!! I downloaded this on Friday and it is great!! I will probably pick up the red one as well (red is actually my favourite colour but I couldn't wait for it!!) I hope you continue to make great DSiWare games/apps (also it's great to see an Australian developer!)



Kirk said:


Is it not even possible to flip pages by dragging the stylus?




Nnooo said:

No because there is no multi-touch if we did that how would we detect if you were drawing or trying to turn the page!?

D-pad for the win



Hardy83 said:

Downloaded it. Love it.
I agree that NIntendo themselves should've had an app like this from the beginning but I'm glad a third party came in to fix Nintendo's mistakes AGAIN. lol



dsijared said:

Why does such a simple app take so long to come out if it should of came out at the beginning




I'm getting that but really it would be simpleler just to gfet a normal notebook.



JuneBelle said:

@Nnooo: I have myNotebook AND a "normal" notebook. (Okay. It contains watercolor paper and is similar to a small Moleskine only vertical and cheaper; but you get the idea. LOL)



Nnooo said:

Unfortunately not I'm afraid. We figured that anyone wanting to just draw would be using Flipnote. myNotebook is more for notes



ckites said:

This app is awesome. I got it today and it is better than i thought it would be for just 200 points. i give it a 9/9 thumbs up Nooooo



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'm loving it, I'm giving the front of my notebook a Christmas theme for the holidays. I'm gonna write my Christmas list in it, I wrote a to-do list, and I drew a funny looking face that looked so cool so I kept it. I love the layout of the notebook pages. And although I'm lefty, I'm getting used to holding the DSi like I'm a righty. 9/10!

I'm gonna buy the other two notebooks for the unlockable paper types, and of course, for more paper!



OsoOto said:

I wonder why it isn't free.. I know it's only 2 bucks, but free seems a bit more sensible for a note application that I get on my phone for free.



Spidey said:


does this have support for left-handed users? Because us leftys have note-taking needs too...



Natie31 said:

Have the blue gettin the red on monday and may get the green as well like all three colors myself.



KanrakusPizza said:

I just got red not to long ago, and i must say its very fun. I was having a great time drawing on the paper. Thanks for making this awesome app!



postmanX3 said:

How is this any better than heading to the dollar store and picking up a 50 cent notebook with twice as many pages?



Dodger said:

I got it, I have not had a real use for it yet but it is nice knowing it is there.



Gogata said:

Hey I got this yesterday and I have a question. When I press to go to the next page it goes 2 pages forward. When I choose to write on the page on the left it switches to left hand mode XD. How can I switch that page to right hand mode? Btw is the 9th paper type with the bubbles the one I got for getting Pop + Solo?



Corbs said:

You can edit your original posts on the comments. No need to keep making new ones.



triforceofcourage said:

you can do the same thing with dsi camera by coloring a picture white then drawing, writing, etc.
and that has way more space.
sadly this is a waste of 2 dollars.



rachelthehedgehog said:

This is not a waste of 2 dollars! It is great! I use it on the go to remember a phone number or something. Kinda fun to doodle in, I do that alot. Buy this. Not a waste at all!



Supremeist said:

I don't believe this is a waste of 2 dollars, It's great because you can save it and It's actually really useful.

The DSi should have already had this, however.
But It's totally still worth getting.

Doodling is awesome on it, too.



Squashie said:

I believe the time has come, when I should download this app!

I get 1000 Nintendo points tomorrow, so this will take part of it. Thanks alot @Nnooo!

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