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Fri 9th Oct 2009

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JuneBelle commented on Review: Absolute Chess (DSiWare):

So, if they had left off the anime characters and just made it a straight forward level progression of competing against the faceless, nameless computer AI, it would have gotten a higher score?
That doesn't make any sense. How does taking something away make it better?

In my opinion, backstory or not, the anime characters give the AI a more human and homey feel. It makes you feel less like you are just battling the computer; and it gives you an avatar. It just....feels less clinical as some of the other ones feel.

Heck the fact that that was pretty much all you could find at fault with this one was what made me get it, especially since I liked the idea of avatars. Every criticism that came sounded like a plus to me. So I got it, especially at that price; and I love it.



JuneBelle commented on Nintendo is Clearly Not in Greenpeace's Good B...:

Which means your Gameboy will last longer than that cell phone in your pocket. I have yet to throw out a Nintendo game system into the dumpster. I kind of doubt too many people have given how many people sell or hang onto their systems because they like the old games and because their systems STILL WORK, unlike most other electronics. So where's the problem in the disposal department?
Besides, this is an inexact science. I wouldn't get too twisted in knots yet.



JuneBelle commented on April 15th - Australian DSi XL Retails for AU$...:

.......Before blaming Nintendo of Australia, maybe someone should be looking at import tax dues of each country or the rest of the overhead involved, including minimum wages for the game store employees or for the people involved in shipping the device and other fees.



JuneBelle commented on Review: myNotebook (DSiWare):

@Nnooo: I have myNotebook AND a "normal" notebook. (Okay. It contains watercolor paper and is similar to a small Moleskine only vertical and cheaper; but you get the idea. LOL)



JuneBelle commented on Hardware Impressions: Nintendo DSi LL:

@Krispood: I suppose I may be biased from being a traditional artist; but I never found Gimp to be all that exciting. I got more use out of Art Academy works more like real traditional painting; and those are skills that you can take into the real world. My biggest complaint is the tiny screen.... But maybe the DSi XL will fix that? (Too bad I'm not likely to get it since it's waaay too soon after I had just gotten my DSi.)



JuneBelle commented on Review: Electroplankton Hanenbow (DSiWare):

I agree with Warioswoods. It is good to make it perfectly clear that this is not something for people looking for an immersive gaming experience. However, the rating should be based on what these are meant to be: little music making apps.

These are not RPG's. These are not puzzlers. These are not arcade games. These are not FPS's. Nor are they Rhythm Heaven.
They are meant for people who like to make music or just enjoy the visuals and sounds that they can make from them. At this they greatly excel. That was probably why it was in limited release in the first place. They knew the audience for this would be fairly limited to musicians. But that doesn't diminish what wonderful apps these are to who they are aimed at.
Just because you don't like Hannah Montana, doesn't mean that there isn't 200,000 little girls out there who would be ecstatic over a Hannah Montana game.
In the same way, just because you don't care to make music, doesn't mean that there aren't 20,000 or so people out there who do.
These are absolutely beautiful apps. I can see myself picking them up and fiddling with them every now and again just to relax, especially this Hanenbow one from this first set of 5. I love how cute the creatures are; and I love the melodies.



JuneBelle commented on Review: Sudoku (DSiWare):

LOL I thought the screenshots looked a little too tall, making me wonder if the game was stretched across both screens. Time to give Corbie a smack upside the head for inaccurate screenshots.



JuneBelle commented on Review: Sudoku (DSiWare):


Hmm.... I like the book format and the zooming. However, this one looks very pretty and seems to give a lot of content for a low price. I don't know why they wasted the top screen so much. I guess it's because it was just ported over from the iPhone.

I don't mind that it doesn't tell me how to play Sudoku. I seem to have gotten the hang of it.

Your screenshots seem pretty different in the placement of the number buttons and other things than in the IGN screenshots.... Are the number buttons movable from the side to the bottom?

Hmm... I like inputting written numbers; but this looks like a pretty game with lots of content and potential content.

Thanks for your help!



JuneBelle commented on It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed:

I was right. Both of the screens are larger. Man, that thing is HUGE.

I seriously doubt this is coming to the US. The United States has some of the highest birth rates of a Westernized country. Japan is mostly becoming a nation of old people (who are resorting to caring for robot babies to make up for the lack of grandchildren). This is aimed at them. shrug



JuneBelle commented on Nintendo Download: Pinballs, Fights and Gravit...:

@Darknyht: I confess that I don't know all that goes into transferring VC to the Wii. However, I have to imagine that Nintendo would do more careful work on transferring the ROM than an average pirater would. I saw a video of someone demonstrating those carts on a DSi; and I saw a bunch of choppiness and warnings of things freezing. So....
But that's just my experience. I'm not an expert. I must say.

As for the new games, I am frustrated at the slow pacing of the releases; but those games do need to be translated and tweaked. In addition to that, some of the game developers, Nintendo included, likely don't want to be competing with each other. Sending out only a few games gives them the special highlight instead of getting lost. Plus, there's only so much a consumer is going to spend at a time. Spreading out the releases gives the consumer time to reload their funds.
**sigh** I do think that there should be more than just one download per week. I think an average of three per section would be good. One download only, though, is kind of pathetic......

As for transferring your games when your system needs repair, I can testify from first-hand experience that this has been the policy from the beginning. This past summer I sent in my system for repair because the software was acting up. Some of my pictures were being corrupted. The machine would freeze up. The touch screen stopped working a couple of times. And some other issues. So I sent my DSi in for repair. My DSi also had some scratches on it as well as some worn away spots where the white plastic was showing through the blue. Since my system was well within its year warranty after having had it only three months or so, Nintendo fixed my system's software issues for free and gave me a new cover (Either that, or they transferred everything to a new system, which is possible since the one I got back had an entirely new code on the bottom.). When I called Nintendo to set up the repair, the lady told me that, if they had to replace the system, they would transfer all games and points to the new one free.
So that's my personal experience. I don't know whether I would have to pay for the transfer if I had been over warranty. However, I do know that I got a free repair on my DS Lite even though I was a few months over the limit.



JuneBelle commented on Nintendo Download: Pinballs, Fights and Gravit...:

@Darknyht: Actually....., there would be issues with turning the VC game into a WiiWare download. The Wii is vastly different in structure from the NES, Super NES, etc. I once read an article about the challenges associated with porting a game from an old system to a new one. (And something about emulators not being allowed. I don't know what an emulator is though....)

But I'm sure there is a lot of testing to be done before they will release said game to the public. And this must be done one game at a time depending on how many people they have hired to do the job.



JuneBelle commented on First Video of myNotebook:

I am looking forward to this as the Flipbook takes so long to open up to take quick notes in. Page limitation is a little annoying.... But I guess I can use Flipbook for long notes and myNotebook for the quick notes as opening Flipbook does take a really long time when I'm just trying to jot something down.
(I think Flipbook just saves data to the system memory or the SD card, meaning that the number of pages is simply limited to the amount of memory the DSi is capable of..... I read that you guys are restricted from accessing the SD card; but given your solution to the page limitation is to have three notebooks, I'd guess that Nintendo is also limiting your pages as it would limit the size of the app, which doesn't make sense..... Have you asked Nintendo if the app size limit is to the app itself and not the content it saves? Cause....I wouldn't think the saved content would be limited to anything more than the amount of data the DSi can hold.)

Also, I have to admit that flipping the DSi over every single time I want to write on the next page is kind of annoying..... It's not a dealbreaker for me as I will simply write upside down if need be; but I would think that it would make more sense to hit the button and have it slide from the touch screen to the non-touch screen; then the flipping part can come when you switch to a new set of two pages. (and a lefty option being in the settings)

And I would love it if you guys made a calendar option!

I'm still getting this notebook.

Having the page slide over to write on the opposite page then flipping it when one wants to start on a new set of pages will also enable one to have your writing in the proper order at all times. I noticed that, when you flipped the note again, your writing was no longer in legible order..... But I guess it's too late....