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  • Video Check Out the Super Mario Bros. 3 Port That Never Was

    What could've been...

    For those of you that have been playing video games for several decades, you probably remember the glory days of id Software. Beginning its work on the PC, the studio is arguably responsible for the modern shooter genre, with games such as Quake, Wolfenstein, and Doom all being products to emerge from the studio. While shooters...


  • Nintendo 250x183 Doom 64

    An exclusive to the console in what is a relatively small-scale franchise, Doom 64 has been unfavourably compared to Rare's masterpieces when it's a great FPS in its own right. An abundance of well-designed levels, monsters, secrets, and weaponry is wonderfully coupled by the haunting soundtrack and dark, atmospheric scenery. This is still a joy to...


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    Nintendo 64

    Review Quake II

    Worth the "Stroggle"?

    When it comes to first-person shooter games on the Nintendo 64, there’s one title which stands out above all the rest: GoldenEye 007. During the late 1990s, Rare’s Bond-themed masterpiece provided gamers with countless hours of single- and multiplayer fun, and because of this it is still fondly remembered by many to this...