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  • News Classic Sega And Taito Music Coming To KORG Gadget As DLC In 2019

    Retro goodness

    KORG Gadget made its debut on the Switch eShop earlier this year in April. As you might have previously heard, the music maker came bundled with a stack of synthesisers and drum machines. It even had unique features like real-time pitch control and piano roll editing using Joy-Con motions. In our review, we gave KORG Gadget seven out...

  • News Game Boy Title Sagaia Coming To Darius Cozmic Collection As Amazon-Exclusive DLC In Japan

    Shooting heaven

    We won't dwell too long on the fact that the Virtual Console isn't part of Nintendo's plans for Switch, but the desire for retro games on the console remains as high as ever - which is why the news that a Game Boy game is coming to the system is such big news for the wears of rose-tinted specs. However, before you get too excited,...

  • News Taito Is Resurrecting Ninja Warriors For Switch And Has More Classic IP In Development

    "We might also make something original"

    On Monday we reported that Taito is releasing a Darius collection on Switch, but it would seem that the company has other retro-themed projects in the works, too. The latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu reveals Ninja Warriors Again - a tentative title at this point - is in development...

  • News Warning! Darius Cozmic Collection Is Approaching Switch Fast!

    Something fishy is going on here

    Shooter fans, rejoice - Taito is bringing its classic Darius series to the Switch in the form of Darius Cozmic Collection. It's expected to launch in Japan on February 28th 2019 and will cost 5,200 Yen. The collection includes four of the arcade entries, but a limited edition - costing 16,800 Yen - will add five...

  • News Zuntata Now Playing In Your Music Streaming Service Of Choice

    Over 3,000 tracks ready to rock your world

    You may not know them by name, but with over three decades of Taito video game music under their belt you must have heard Zuntata's work in the past. From the memorable melodies of Bubble Bobble to the epic electronic/jazz fusion soundscapes of the Darius series, the prolific group founded by Hisayoshi...

  • News Choo-Choo! Nintendo 64 Densha de Go! 64 Gets Translated to English

    All aboard the translation hype train!

    Don't feel bad if you never heard of Taito's Densha de Go! series before; as video games go, it's the kind of series that comes to mind when one wants to give examples of what a niche title is. Train enthusiasts however will know all about the series whose name translates to "Go By Train!". Like most of Taito's...

  • News Stretchy And Sticky Splatoon Squid Toys Are Coming To Japan, Thanks To Taito

    Easy squeezy

    Video game veteran Taito is producing a series of stretchy, goo-filled Splatoon squid toys. Now there's a sentence we didn't think we'd be typing when we woke up this morning. Due for release in Japan (where else?) on April 5th, the toys can be seen in action in the teaser video below. You can squeeze 'em, splat 'em and throw 'em in a...

  • News Hardcore Gaming 101's Next Book Focuses On Taito's Arcade Legacy

    From Elevator Action to Liquid Kids

    Video game site Hardcore Gaming 101 has become something of a goldmine for retro gamers, with its staff tirelessly uncovering gems from the past that everyone else has all but forgotten about. The site also produces a line of excellent books which feature both new and re-written content, and the latest offering...

  • News The Tragic Tale Of Taito's WOWOW, The Console Which Promised Download Gaming In 1992

    Ill-fated system pre-dated the SNES Satellaview by some margin

    Taito may now be a part of super-publisher Square Enix, but the history books will honour the company as one of gaming's true pioneers. It was responsible for Space Invaders - arguably one of the most important games of all time - as well as a string of '80s and '90s arcade hits,...

  • News Taito's Trademark Applications Suggest the Return of SNES Titles

    Darius Twin, and two Lufia games if you must know

    If Taito's latest filings at the United States Patents and Trademarks Office are anything to go by, we might well see a number of its Super NES titles on their way to the Wii Shop Channel. Darius Twin, Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals have all had trademarks...

  • First Impressions Arkanoid Plus!

    Taito plays it safe in bringing back a classic.

    Whilst Atari's Breakout and Super Breakout pioneered the arcade block-breaking games that are well-worn cliches today, Taito's Arkanoid really took the idea to the next level and no one's improved upon it since. The game concept is pretty simple: a bar at the bottom of the screen is used to bounce a...

  • First Impressions Puzzle Bobble Wii

    Taito delivers another enjoyable update to an arcade franchise.

    For those who aren't familiar Puzzle Bobble is a late-90s arcade puzzle franchise from Taito featuring Baburun and Boburun from Bubble Bobble. Fans in the rest of the world may remember this game better as the ill-titled "Bust-A-Move." It's had five arcade iterations, two of...

  • First Impressions Rainbow Islands Towering Adventure!

    Rainbow Islands has been selected as the 3rd of Taito's Collection on WiiWare; it seems natural given that it's the arcade sequel to Bubble Bobble, the previous release

    I'm old enough to have seen the arcade game, but I guess I frequented the wrong arcades because I never laid eyes on this game until I bought the Bubble Bobble collection on the...

  • News Rainbow Islands Out in Japan Tomorrow

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people expected a WiiWare update of this game after Bubble Bobble Wii (Plus outside of Japan) came out, but who could have suspected it would be released only a few weeks later? Well, it's coming out in Japan tomorrow for 800 points and I don't think I need to tell you I'll be downloading this and providing my impressions soon.

    The game is titled Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure and looking at the screens it appears the kids have grown a bit taller and instead of a score you're ranked according to time and height scaled. Hopefully it will be a...

  • First Impressions Bubble Bobble Plus!

    Bub and Bob hit the WiiWare service in style.

    I've got a confession to make, and it's not that I don't like Bubble Bobble, because I do like it and the two arcade follow-ups: Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories. No, I actually want to confess that I didn't want to buy or play this game tonight. Now, like everyone else I saw the announcement which came out of the blue and thought: wow, a new..

  • News Bubble Bobble Plus Out On WiiWare Next Week

    ...If you are in Japan of course! Yes that’s right, no sooner than Bubble Bobble Wii was announced now it is dated for release on Tuesday, 10th February on Nintendo of Japan’s website.

    The game will have 200 maps, 100 for the original game and another 100 in the arrange mode. Taking into account the two difficulty settings this makes a mighty...

  • News Bubble Bobble Plus Gets Rated for Western Release

    We’ve slowly been getting more and more excited about Taito’s WiiWare update of its classic Bubble Bobble coin-op, but so far our anticipation has been checked by the fact that the game looked destined to remain a Japan-only release.

    Thankfully our scepticism was unfounded as the game has just been rated on the German USK database, making a Western release a formality. It's also gained a shiny..

  • News More Info and Screenshots for Bubble Bobble Wii

    Famitsu have revealed fresh new screenshots and information about Bubble Bobble Wii this week. You can see a translation of their feature here.

    So far it’s looking really good, the gameplay of the arcade classic appears to be retained and we are promised 100+ levels of fun. The game also offers four player support and special maps for high score...

  • News Bubble Bobble Wii - Now With 4 Player Support

    The latest edition of Famitsu has more goodness - The first screens of Taito's Bubble Bobble remake, Bubble Bobble Wii!

    The screens are very small, but we can at least tell a few things by looking at them closely - It has the same minimalistic graphical style as the original game (Available on VC), features new levels, and has 4-player support! The...

  • News USA WiiWare Update: Space Invaders Get Even & Pit Crew Panic!

    Well the US WiiWare releases feature something old and something new. The US finally gets the release of Taito's Space Invaders Get Even, which Japanese and European gamers have already been enjoying, as well as the newest Hudson WiiWare release Pit Crew Panic!

    You can check out WiiWare World's Space Invaders Get Even review if you're still undecided on a purchase and we'll have a full review of..

  • News Space Invaders Get Even Coming To US WiiWare December 1st

    Taito has just announced that Space Invaders Get Even will be hitting the North American WiiWare service on Monday, December 1st. The game is set 30 years after the original Space Invaders title and this time reverses the role putting the player in charge of the invading aliens as they attack Earth in an attempt to destroy humanity.

    While it's not been officially confirmed yet, the title is..

  • News EU WiiWare Update: Alien Crush Returns, Brain Challenge and Space Invaders Get Even

    This week doesn't just bring us one game from a high-profile developer - It brings us two! They come together with yet another game from one of WiiWare's strongest supporters, Gameloft.

    The release of Alien Crush Returns shouldn't really come as a surprise if you keep an eye on every region's releases - The US got it earlier this week. Alien Crush...

  • First Impressions Space Invaders Get Even

    Players across the globe have been shooting aliens in the Space Invaders series for 30 years now but Taito has decided to put the shoe on the other foot this time as Space Invaders Get Even puts you in control of the Alien UFO, and your goal is to crush mankind once and for all!

    Now that this game is out on the Japanese WiiWare service we took it upon ourselves to give you the inside scoop - is..

  • News Alien Crush Returns & Space Invaders Get Even In Japan

    Lucky Japanese WiiWare gamers will be enjoying the awesome looking Alien Crush Returns and Space Invaders Get Even soon. Both are going to be made available on the Japanese WiiWare service this Tuesday (26 Aug).

    Whilst both games look undeniably awesome, Alien Crush Returns has to be the pick of the two. This looks like the perfect homage to the original much loved TurboGrafx pinball sim. With the..

  • News Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details

    Space Invaders Get Even is about to give the phrase "sold separately" a whole new meaning. We announced in our last Space Invaders Get Even news article that, while the game would only cost you 500 Wii Points, it would only buy you the basic game package with additional game content made available at an extra cost. Taito has just released more information to help clear up any questions regarding this additional downloadable content.

    The main game package, aptly named the Starter Pack, will cost you 500 Wii Points and will feature the first level of the game along with the basic UFO. There will then be three additio..

  • News Space Invaders Get Even To Come With Bargain Price Tag

    It seems that there's more good news for Space Invaders fans inside the newest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu. According to several scans from the magazine, Space Invaders Get Even will only cost a paltry 500 Wii Points when it hits the WiiWare service. Of course there could be a catch to that. The magazine also confirms that there will be downloadable stages available that could cost you additional Wii Points. Despite this minor catch, 500 Wii Points is still a great deal for the basic game.

    In another fun twist for classic shooter fans, gamers will also have the option of pl..

  • News Space Invaders Get Even - It's Payback Time!

    It seems that after three long decades of being picked on by arcade gamers, the Space Invaders have finally had enough. Now they're fighting back and you get to take control of the invaders themselves this time around.

    Taito has recently announced their upcoming WiiWare title Space Invaders Get Even to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders. It's hard to believe it's been that long since..

  • News Get Even With Space Invaders On WiiWare

    Taito's Space Invaders is making a comeback on WiiWare! In Space Invaders: Get Even you will, in a reversal of roles, play as the space invaders themselves as you take on the Earth!

    The game was revealed a few months ago as a retail Wii game, but it has now been switched to WiiWare instead (or "download only" as our Japanese source below reports). There are few details for now, but what..