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  • Video A Speedrunner Has Completed Super Mario World In Under A Minute

    Super Mario Woah!

    Speedrunning can be a thing of pure beauty; by studying every last detail of a game, and performing incredibly precise actions that seem almost impossible to us mere mortals, players can make even the hardest of games look like a walk in the park as they clear them in a matter of minutes. One such player, SethBling, has taken on...







  • Video Check Out the New World Record Speed-Run of Xeodrifter

    Just over seventeen minutes

    Speedrunning has become a competitive form of gaming that only the very best of gamers can hope to become proficient in. Considering that there technically exists a hard cap on just how fast any given game can be beaten, it becomes a game that's just as much about pixel perfect controls as it is about memorization...







  • News Super Mario World Speedrun Record Is Broken

    Beating the game in under 10 minutes is an artform

    Super Mario World is a big game — so big it put other 2D platformers to shame when it launched alongside the shiny new SNES back in the early '90s. However, while many of us will have happy memories of wasting countless hours finding all those levels and secret routes, speedrunner linkdeadx2 has...



  • News Super Mario 64 is a 5-Minute Adventure With the Right Tools

    The rotund plumber is faster than he looks thanks to an emulator-assisted speedrun

    Video games are a wonderful way to show off best times and high scores after spending countless hours in attempting to achieve them, but when orthodox methods aren't enough to impress, gamers (and obsessives) must think outside of the box. A group of speedrunners have...


  • News New World Record as Earthbound Completed in a PK Flash

    6 hours, 38 minutes and 16 seconds, to be precise

    Earthbound is highly regarded, and rightly so: even to this day it captivates gamers the world over (apart from many in Europe, where it was never released.) One gamer who loves it more than most is speed runner Chris Corsi, who just set the Twin Galaxies-approved World Record for the fastest...


  • News Gotta Catch 'em All In the Next 72 Hours

    Gamers attempt to capture all 493 Pokémon in charity speedrun

    Speedruns evoke a special kind of excitement in most gamers: the unbridled thrill of seeing highly trained controller-jockeys doing what they do best, coupled with the shame and resentment felt when you witness someone accomplish in hours what you spent months of your childhood working on. Well here's a marathon gaming event we haven't..