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One of the more unfortunate moments during the Nintendo Switch presentation was when a fumbling translator attempted to keep up with energetic Goichi Suda; a Japanese developer famous for being the figurehead behind titles such as No more Heroes and Killer 7.

Thankfully, YouTube user iYakku has managed to provide a more accurate translation in the video below, and we included the transcripts from the video.


eh... guess that bombed

Suda from Grasshopper here.

Hello everyone.

Today's the big January 13th Ariake Showdown

I've been invited to this special match, not an exhibition.

I'm up here for a round on the stage to talk about my game.

Hang on, let me check the teleprompter.

Does everyone remember the man from Santa Destroy that Grasshopper and Marvelous created in their tag team game?

Right, Travis Touchdown.


uh... the image please.

There it is!!!

This legendary anti-hero will be touching back down on the Nintendo Switch.

We're not announcing the title just yet, and not to change the subject, but...

So last year, all throughout the year.

I was at events like PAX and Kyoto's BITSUMMIT.

I went to all kinds of gaming events like those.

I talked to a lot of indie devs there about all kinds of things, and they were like, "Suda, man, what's the Switch like?"

Well, back then I think people were still calling it the NX.

I'd tell them "No no, I have no idea! I know as much as you guys", and they'd be like "Come on, tell us! Is it as easy to develop for as everyone's saying?"

I had to tell them "Just Wait".

"I'm under NDA with Nintendo, I can't tell you anything", there were lots of little scuffles like that.

But indie devs all over the world were excited for the Switch, even the ones in Japan.

The dev environment is probably as good as everyone's hoping for.

It's really good for... Mm... Well I get the feeling the Switch can even connect indies and major titles.

So, I'm gonna try making a game that'll become the singularity between indies and the Nintendo Switch.

And it'll be centered around Travis.

Travis co-starring with an indie star.

Mm... well to put it in simpler terms, in wrestling it'd be like shoot style versus hardcore wrestling.

Well, maybe not quite...


Like in Fire Pro Wrestling, Saeba with Kita.

Basically, I can't really explain it that well, but yeah!

Travis is gonna bust his way onto Nintendo Switch.

Suda51 from Grasshopper, out.

Thank you.


So it seems as if Travis Touchdown might be teaming up with a character from an independent game, or possibly it's just Suda using another one of his analogies which don't translate well into English. Either way, have pity on that translator, as it seems as if Suda went off-script for a great amount of time and brought out jokes and references that wouldn't translate well.

What character from an independent game would you like to see Travis team up with?