Legend of Legacy

Atlus continues to be the final word in localised releases of Japanese RPGs and we're absolutely loving it. The latest in Atlus' seemingly endless lineup is The Legend of Legacy, which is due out for a release very soon in North America. Naturally, the PR team is hard at work trying to ensure that hype levels are as maxed out as they can be and a rep recently took to a NeoGAF thread to explain some of the changes that will be present in the Western version of the game.

The basic idea behind most of the changes made was to cut back on the amount of grinding that would be required in the New Game Plus mode. Here's the quote from the post:

So here's the deal about the adjustments we made in bringing the game to the west. By and large, they mostly affect NG+.

In NG+, all the money and formations you designed now carry over. Any special weapons you created will also be available to purchase in the shop.

Drop rates for items and materials was increased across the board. Drop rate for rare items goes up in subsequent NG+. FICTITIOUS EXAMPLE TO ILLUSTRATE THIS POINT: The made-up drop rates for a rare item could be in the first 1st Game - 1%, in NG+ 5%, NG++ 8%, NG+++ 10% etc. Let me stress that these numbers are made up and I have no idea what they are for actual items.

Finally, the time it takes the trade ship to return is decreased substantially. The ship uses real-world time, and we've decreased the amount of time it takes to return.

Basically, the adjustments were to cut down on the amount of grinding in subsequent playthroughs, making NG+ a little more palatable for western audiences.

What do you think? Will you be picking up The Legend of Legacy? What do you think of these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via neogaf.com]