A Dragon Quest VII re-release arrived on 3DS in Japan back in early 2013, yet fans in the West have seen over two years pass with no sniff of a localised version. Square Enix suggested last year that it needs confidence in the size of the audience, yet the absence of news seemed to spur on fans in other ways. A fan translation project kicked off just a few months ago.

Unfortunately it seems that Square Enix has shut the fan project down, which it is legally entitled to do. The following was posted on Reddit confirming that the translation was being stopped.

So, we have just received a cease and desist order from Square-Enix. So we are packing up shop and hoping that this means we will see a release from them in the coming months.

If this is true, please consider buying the game to support Dragon Quest here in the west. It's the only way we will see more of these game from Square-Enix.

Thanks to everyone who offered a hand with the editing.

The optimist's viewpoint can be that this cease and desist is a precursor to an official release in the West, though it's also possible that Square Enix is simply asserting its legal right as owner of the copyrighted material.

We shall see - are you still hoping to play Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, or perhaps even the upcoming Dragon Quest VIII release?

[via gonintendo.com]