One day, perhaps?

Square Enix is asleep at the wheel - it isn't bringing amazing JRPGs like the 3DS update of Dragon Quest VII to the west. The company has previously stated that it is unsure there's enough demand in North America and Europe to justify the cost of localising the title, while the Wii U title Dragon Quest X is equally unlikely to get the translation treatment.

However, that doesn't mean you'll never be able to experience Dragon Quest VII on your 3DS handheld. Fed up of waiting for Square Enix to get off its backside and bring the game to western shores, a team of fans is painstakingly translating the game as we speak. As you can see from the screens below, it's slow going at present - there's a lot of text to get through - but they are making good progress.

It goes without saying that should this epic undertaking reach its conclusion, it won't be an official release - in order to play it you'll need to use some kind of PC-based emulator or a flash cart of dubious origin on your 3DS console - but we think it's a noble venture all the same. Perhaps Square Enix should take note of this passion before deciding that amazing RPGs like Dragon Quest VII aren't worthy candidates for localisation?