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Yokai Watch Western Release Targeting Next Year, With Toys Also Planned

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No detailed plans revealed as yet

Level 5 has been clear that it's exploring its options to bring Yokai Watch to the West, though quite what form it'll take remains intriguing. The popularity of the first title gained additional momentum when the animated TV show took off in Japan, and the sequel — which is a dual release — has well exceeded the sales of the series début; merchandise is also a major part of the game.

With those aspects considered Level 5 has plenty to consider when planning its release in the West. The publisher has previously stated that a Western release is "in consideration in a big way", and translated comments in a new interview point to an arrival next year along with a range of toys. Below are the comments from Level 5 President Akihiro Hino.

In regards too foreign markets, we have been taking a look at it in regards to Yokai Watch. We are in development planning to release it sometime next year. We think it has a big appeal as a very Japanese-ish fantasy story. We already have support from a foreign toy maker company saying that it will be a definite success.

We've seen various franchises enjoy successful beginnings in the West; we're yet to see whether the first title will be released, or whether the sequel will be utilised — a hybrid is an option, such as the 1.5 edition that was released by Square Enix for Bravely Default, though was a direct localisation of an equivalent release in Japan.

We've little doubt that Level 5 will try to utilise the games, TV show and merchandise together outside of Japan. Are you keen to dive into this franchise?


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Tops said:

YES! FINALLY!! I'm so excited to get official confirmation of this!! Thank you, Level-5, thank you!



sinalefa said:

Nice. They are not rushing it to this holiday season so OR/AS creams it. Hopefully it is released when nothing else big is hitting shelves.



S3OL said:

I know that Yokai Watch is pretty popular over here too, especially on Nintendo Life! We'll finally see what all of the fuss (and sales) are about.

Except I won't, because I don't have a 3DS yet!



Gerbwmu said:

Selling 2 million games in a little over a month will help with risk taking me thinks.



rjejr said:

Obligatory - where's Wonderflick?

I really miss all the great JRPGs Level 5 made on the PS2 but they seem to have gotten really good at making money on the handhelds.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Annnnnnnd Level 5 is now one of my favorite developers. Between Fantasy Life and (possibly) this, they will definitely get some of my cash.



TwilightV said:

Hopefully they get the TV series on a network that's easily accessible. Their Little Battlers Experience series premieres this week on Nicktoons, and I expect it to perform horribly in ratings.



Jampie said:

Awesome! I've been hoping for this game to come over here since its release in Japan!



marck13 said: there a giant squared marshmellow lifting a car in the backgound of the picture ? O-o



RainbowGazelle said:

There are other places in the world apart from 'the west'. The quote says 'foreign markets', not 'the west'. Australia isn't in 'the west', but it's a foreign market. Referring to anywhere outside of Japan as 'the west' sounds arrogant.



DreamOn said:

I'm excited! I love ghost fiction. Last thing like this I got into was Shaman King years ago.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Wow, I honestly thought they wouldn't bring it over because of the monster designs. I can't see children liking this but then again maybe I'm expecting the average westerner to be much more anti foreign than they really are.
I'm definitely excited for the toy line. I might try out the game.



Ash_Anne said:

@peterdavid12345 Ban? PETA hasn't caused any games to be banned in the US. Most people don't even take PETA seriously here but I'm sure they might make some lame parody game.



Gorlokk said:

Great news! I wonder what the toys will be like. I'll definitely get the game, I've been following it even before it was released in Japan.



Iggly said:

Yokai Watch looks pretty interesting, I'll be sure to look out for it after Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases.



kupo said:

Good to see that some developers know how to run a business. On not releasing this you guys hate money?

Similarly, GBA or SNES games on the you guys hate money?



3dcaleb said:

finally! i cant wait for a release date. i will buy any and all games they release day 1. i hope we get all 3. i love pokemon, but this is 1000 times better. please dont make us wait too long!



Fandabidozi said:

Been playing this for a couple weeks and it's loads of fun, very charming.
It has very basic combat that might not be for everyone though.

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