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Play: Time for Another Nintendo Life Community GP - 12th July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Get ready!

A while ago we had our first NLife Community GP, which allowed us to take each other on in the terrific Mario Kart 8. There's been a lot going on since that last tournament but now there's no excuse; it's time to do it again.

So, let's do this. It's a code-based tournament — this is for the community after all — with all the details below.

  • To join, select 'Search Using a Code' in Tournaments, and input 0052-4788-7715
  • The tournament takes place on Saturday 12th July, and will run from 4am Pacific / 7am Eastern / noon UK / 1pm CET until 9pm Pacific / midnight Eastern / 5am UK / 6am CET. We've selected times that mean players around the world have close to a full normal day to race.

The Rules

  • 32 Races
  • 150cc Grand Prix
  • Hard CPU to fill out rooms
  • All items
  • All control methods

This is a fixed length tournament so that, in the end, a winner can punch the air in delight. If you're looking for round-the-clock Tournament action don't forget that we have the always-on Nintendo Life GP. It's available to the public and can either be found under 'Popular' tournaments in some regions, or via code 6347-6219-4703. At the time of writing this community has had over 1800 participants since it was reset on Wednesday, so there's an active community racing at almost any given time.

We hope you'll join us for a few races in our community tournament and standard GP. See you on the track!

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AJTsuki said:

I'm in, though I imagine I'll see a lot of last place finishes. Still haven't had a chance to test my skill online yet. I guess I should do a few online races before I embarrass myself too much .



3DSfan134 said:

Should be joining tomorrow! I wanna see how good racing skills you guys have!



Jenraux said:

I'll join.

Never took part in one of these tourneys, but I've played many hours playing online with MK Wii and done a few online races with MK8, I should probably practice a tad with the new courses though...



Ryno said:

If I have some time on Saturday I may have to get in on this.



RIC616 said:

I've been busy trying to get through some of my backlog but after completing Earthbound and Armillo this week I fancied some online karting this weekend. Timing couldn't be better, but might need to practice a bit.



Jenraux said:

Must remember to charge game pad up beforehand, last thing I need is a cable breaking my concentration.

-Hardcore gaming mode initiated, tryhard module booting-



randomous said:

@Jenraux Ugh, your post just reminds me of how much of a tryhard I've been lately on Mario Kart 8. I'm just too obsessed with this game! I should take it easy for a while lol, all this "tryhard stress" isn't good for my health.



Jenraux said:

@arkady77 totally, just went on the NL community on MK, played 10 races, only got 1st in 1 race, got an average of 4th.

Turns out NL community standard is above the worldwide standard.



dinosauryoshi said:

Really enjoyed the last one so hope I get chance to take part in this one! I'm a little out of practice though due to 3D World being so darn amazing.



Hy8ogen said:

@ThomasBW84 Will it be possible to make a live chat room for these races here on NL? It would be much more awesome if we can chat while racing....since the chat system on MK8 is a joke.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Sweet! I'm in!! Hopefully I'm a bit more skilled this go around than I was the last time. I got my arse totally handed to me!



Gerbwmu said:

I'm in for getting my arse handed to me.......the nlife community has some quality players!



Nik-Davies said:

I'm at London Comic-Con all day, so I guess this isn't happening for me. Perhaps next time.



Twilight_Crow said:

Awesome! I will join and have some practice. Unfortunately, I haven't touch the game for some time because school only finished yesterday for me, so I bet I'll do poorly, but it will be fun anyway.



Edwin said:

Had a lot of fun last time. Watch out for Bowser tomorrow! Dear NintendoLife staff, please do these every week.



Tasuki said:

Wooot. Finally a community event that NL is hosting and my day off are on the same day. I will be there on sometime tomorrow.



Finntendo said:

Oh this time is so much better for me. (2pm my time).. Except we do have Nintendo of Finland race between 6pm and 8pm

now just have to think shall I drive with Roy or Lemmy... hmm. And I still cannot drive last curve of Rainbow Road without going out of the track.



MJKOP said:

Nice one I'll hopefully be there, 'representing' Northern Ireland! I'll be MJ, go easy on me... lol



Gamercake said:

When you leave a tournament, is your score for it meant to reset to 0, or should it continue? Whenever I leave a tournament it asks me to join again when I return and my score is back to 0.



Tritonus said:

I may join, but it's been a while since I've played MK8, I got caught up with Pikmin 3 mission mode!



TreesenHauser said:

I thought I was great at Mario Kart 8... then the NLife Community GP proved me wrong! I need to sharpen my skills.



ToniK said:

Finished the 32 races with 266 points. I did really well on the first half but the second was... let's just say difficult



WiiLovePeace said:

@Gamercake Your score should always stay. Are you using a guest mii on your Wii U or the mii who's logged into the Wii U at the time? The scores of guest mii characters & the miis of other NNIDs on your Wii U when not logged in do reset to zero when you exit the tournament iirc.

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