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Fri 13th Jun 2014

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derek_combatir commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Quorthon now now, saying nintendo fans are butthurt is a little too much, i am a huge nintendo fan, but i understand what you say, and i understand sometimes game development won't come as planned

My point is, they should have clarified this from the beginning, they did promise it, they did announce it, and they did give arguments of the game running on the wii u and looking great, so when you come to fans saying that, it means the game is going well

That, and adding the fact that they took years to confirm it's cancellation, well i think it is normal for people to feel deceived, we cannot continue with the argument of "it was to be expected" because it wasn't when the game started it's crowdfunding, back in the days the only thing we had was the game dev studio arguments, and that's it, people believed them and decided to support the development

However, as a game dev studio, you need to come clean, once you see the game won't be possible for specific consoles, you need to clarify that with the game audience, not just some random posts on forums without and official announcement.

I get what you say about articles saying "possibly coming to wii u", however, this is not the exact case, in this case we had proper word from the developer, and don't take this in the wrong way, i'm not attacking them i understand the situation, but the least people supporting your game deserves is for the game dev company to come clean and be completely transparent, why do i say this, because they didn't give a proper argument until after the game was released (specifically for the wii u), so instead of giving bad news from the beginning, they decided to make people wait.

Again, i understand things can go in a different way, not as expected, but it is their responsibility to give proper announcements if they see things going wrong, not after years of knowing and after countless times they mentioned "the game looks great on wii u", it's false advertising after all



derek_combatir commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Quorthon the thing is, a lot of people supported the crowdfunding because they promised a wii u version in their original statement, and they even mentioned they saw the game running on wii u, so... there's that

I don't care if they don't release a game on wii u, but false promises for crowdfunding are way too low for a game dev company



derek_combatir commented on Feature: Our Tributes and Memories of Satoru I...:

This is the first time i cry for the loss of a person who i never met...
This is the first time i feel so sad for someone who didn't even know i existed
But, god... he knew how to make people happy
I feel sad, and what scares me the most, is that even thou Nintendo will continue his legacy, it just won't be the same.

I love Nintendo, i grew up with them, that's why this hurts so much.

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata, and thank you because a lot of your decisions across the years are an important part of my life.



derek_combatir commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@rjejr easy, he cannot reveal anything related to consoel specs, but wants to make it relevant since they will start with DeNA, i think this goes more to investors than to customer, thye do want to keep NX relevant since they want to make clear nintendo won't stop creating video game dedicated consoles, so bad comments or rumos won't spread

Also to raise attention from third parties so dthey know what they might be facing



derek_combatir commented on This Fan-Made NES 3DS XL Offers a Cool Alterna...:

it is easy for fan made projects to look better than official models since fanmade go straight to what fans really want

however, for me, this is not the case, I like the official more
also, the pokemon design were fairly better than some fanmade designs...