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Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Tournament Rematch - Today!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

More eShop funds up for grabs

Earlier this week we told you about the second Mario Kart 8 tournament we're running for UK racers. The rematch is all set for today, in which participants have four hours to complete 16 races in a battle for delicious eShop funds.

Details are below, so good luck!


Once again, this is for UK readers. The top three qualifying players will receive a prize in the form of eShop credit kindly provided by the Official Nintendo UK Online Store.

  • 1st Place: £60 eShop credit
  • 2nd Place: £40 eShop credit
  • 3rd Place: £20 eShop credit


The Tournament will take place this coming Thursday, 31st July 2014 between 5pm-9pm (UK). You can join the tournament at any time between 5pm and 9pm to complete your 16 races, up four from last time.

How to Enter:

Within the Mario Kart 8 Online menu select ‘Tournaments’ and ‘Enter Code’: 8439-5767-5951 — it's called NLife UK GP Rematch.

Once the tournament has been registered with your console you will be able to start racing once the tournament beings on Thursday 31st July at 5pm. You can join the tournament at any time before the closing time of 9pm.


The tournament will have the following rules.

  • Code-only
  • 150cc
  • All items
  • All control methods
  • Hard CPU
  • 16 races
  • Group swapping every four races

If you're sharing a Wii U and want multiple players to compete and be eligible, you'll need to take turns — in single player online — in each Nintendo Network ID login. In other words, once a player has completed the tournament in their Wii U account you'll need to quit the game, switch to the second Nintendo Network ID and go through the Tournament again. Playing in two player-splitscreen online will only allow the main player — the Nintendo Network ID holder — to be eligible for the prizes.

You must compete using a UK Wii U and therefore have a ‘GB’ flag after your name in the final rankings to claim a prize. The top three racers who qualify for a prize should contact us via email ( and include a photo of their GamePad/TV with their NNID in clear view. Members of the Nintendo Life team are not eligible for prizes. All decisions by Nintendo Life are final. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Have fun and good luck!

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EverythingAmiibo said:

I just got my cruiser (penny no-name) board today!! But it's raining, so I might be participating. DANGIT, I just realized as I was typing this that someone is taking us out for dinner tonight good luck all.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'm in but I don't stand a chance of winning 16 races. I am due a good run of form though.



Grumblevolcano said:

Hopefully I won't be disconnected this time but still it'll be fun as long as there's not mass leaving all the time.



DARK-Is said:

Yes, looks like fun! Almost time, I best get ready! Good luck everybody! ^_^



Portal_King said:

Already experienced a cheating foreign dude. I finished my first race in 3rd, suddenly I'm 4th. Checked the leaderboard, an Italian guy somehow got into 3rd place AFTER the race had finished.



Portal_King said:

Second race, communication error as I crossed the finished line in 1st... it seems luck is NEVER on my side. >



heyzeus002 said:

Good luck to all. Wont be entering myself as I wont be playing anything untill about 9 and then ill be off to stick a shiv in some throats in the last of us remastered



Grumblevolcano said:

Currently 2nd with 199, really glad not to have a disconnect though some of my luck was appalling so I don't expect to be top 20 when the tournament ends. I did come across a winner of the first tournament who quit a near full room right at the beginning of this one though so I see more CPU grinding happening...



PieEater163 said:

I'm currently 4th with 213 points, unfortunately that means I'm not in for a prize, but I might still be in the top 10 by 9pm if I'm lucky.



DARK-Is said:

My results: 1st-x12 2nd-once 3rd-once 4th-once and 8th-once Total-216! Currently in 1st place, sweet! To those still racing, keep it cool and have a laugh! Peace! NNID: DARK-Is_Reborn



dinosauryoshi said:

@Grumblevolcano are you Tom by any chance? That was some seriously slick racing on your part! I beat you once (thanks entirely to a blue shell) but the rest of the time you had me well beaten fair and square. I'm Cliffomac by the way.



TheTeaStirrer said:

Will be racing at 7:30 or later. Hope to see y'all and be sure to check out my Miiverse (NNID: Zerodactyl)!



JonnyN said:

Finished with 174 points pretty bad. Top 20 but probs not for long. I just couldn't catch up to the other racers after being battered in the middle of the CPU pack with items. And can someone explain to me how you can play just against CPU? Not that I plan to I'm just baffled at how people do it.



dinosauryoshi said:

Was on track for around 180 - 190 but then got a bunch of disconnects (which doesn't usually happen to me) at the end which ruined it. Still happy though and really enjoyed my races. Some great racers out there that's for sure! Good luck everyone



S3OL said:

Has anybody raced against Alan with the Alien like Mii? If so it was me! Some great racers racing tonight, having to get really competitive.

Good luck to all.



Jazzer94 said:

I've just been shuffled into a lobby with no people, don't know if to wait or search?



Bulbousaur said:

Got 202, putting me technically at 19th, drawing with at least two other people, but there wasn't enough room on the leaderboard for me. Had a pretty crummy first 8 races, but ended up getting in the top three for all of them in my second half. Good luck to everyone else, looks like there's a lot less room jumping this time around!



Troggy said:

I gave up. I ragequit every single race because I wanted that dang eShop fund. I guess I'm too much of a sore loser when I prize is involved.



Slytherinx said:

I really am appalling at this, but it's been fun 😊 Thanks Nintendo Life, until next time...



eltomo said:

Woo, doubled my points from the last tourney! Only a few races where I drop from 1st to 8th on the last bend, and I'm sure all my green shells backfired!



DARK-Is said:

So I made 10th place in the end! '3' Congratulations to Lucy x, Justin and John, have fun with the monies! ^_^



Blaze said:

I apologise if I'm wrong about this, but I think something weird is going on here. 'Lucy x' apparently won with a perfect score of 240, yet I beat her on Toad Harbour (she came third) therefore making it impossible for her to have a perfect score.

Moreover, when we were racing, she had only completed three races, whereas I had completed around 10 (iirc) and yet, I was only able to complete 15 races in the time remaining, and yet she was apparently able to complete the full 16. It doesn't make sense.

Sorry if I sound like a sore loser (I couldn't have won anyway, even if I had been able to complete my final race, so I'm not that bothered) but I don't trust the results of this tourney at all.



WYLD-WOO said:

179 points after 12 races, got in late this evening and it kicked me off before I could finish my last 4 races. Great fun as always Nintendolife, thanks.

@Bacon_Gal_Blaze - You have raised a valid point. Perhaps, there are two lucy X's, which is quite a common tag. Was it defo the same Mii? Also, the lag on on-line causes a problem sometimes. I finish 1st and then l'm 3rd all of a sudden. I'm very confident that Nintendolife has it all under control.



Blaze said:

@WYLD-WOO I will check the Mii on the leaderboard~ and as for lag, it definitely wasn't. The leaderboard showed at the end of the race with the same positions (me first, CPU second, Lucy x third) and I got 15 points.

Also wow, I'm involved in serious discussion on this website for like, the first time in three years. :3



dazza176 said:

i won the last tournament, but only had enough time for a few races this time around, well done to everyone who won

@Bacon_Gal_Blaze Maybe Lucyx had already finished her races and was playing the 'for fun' part when your score doesn't count towards the total? Was it near the end of the tournament? Because if it was that's probably what was happening



Blaze said:

The Mii is definitely the same. ;__;

@dazza176 I guess that's possible. Can you still race after you've finished your 16 races?



WYLD-WOO said:

@Bacon_Gal_Blaze - I think @dazza176 has provided the most logical answer and if you played towards the end, did you? If so, I'm sure you would also agree with his comment too. As I said before, I'm sure Nintendolife have all forms of cheating under control.

@dazza176 - Well done on your recent victory, I like you didn't have enough time to complete all races this time either.



Blaze said:

Yep, I was racing right towards the end. That's probably the answer then. :3

Sorry about that, I just didn't want other people getting cheated out of a prize unfairly. Congrats to teh winners~



Grumblevolcano said:

@dinosauryoshi Yes I am Tom, it was fun racing with you. As for disconnects I got caught in that situation on Saturday's tournament (on my first race) which frustrated me.

I see the range of top 20 was much bigger this time around (I think I would have been somewhere between 21st and 25th as 20th got 202 points and I got 199) so I guess lobby hopping was somewhat less prominent



DuplexGemini said:

Finished about 3 hours ago and overall, whilst it was still fun racing with others here, on my 9th race (Thwomp Ruins), just after I won the race, I got disconnected from the servers. This prompted me to reconnect, only to realise that the 15 points I should have won wasn't added to my score and it just skipped me to the 10th race.

Nintendo seriously has to sort out the Mario Kart 8 servers from what I've been experiencing, just as bad as the Brawl servers in my eyes for such an unfair result (As well as racers getting hit with green shells, yet they don't come to a halt). Would've been 19th place if it wasn't for that.

But regardless, a congrats to Lucy, Justin3 and John for making it to the Top 3, as well as everyone who made the leaderboards.



ICHIkatakuri said:

BALLS! I thought this was on Saturday, I have played the Dark Souls 2 DLC all night and missed it again! Ah well, hope it all went without a hitch and everyone had some fun

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