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United Kingdom

Fri 3rd Jan 2014

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dazza176 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

It's such a shame that this was Nintendo's best Wii U game at E3 this year and yet it's still not good enough to warrant a purchase. It's clear Nintendo are trying to slowly fade out the Wii U, no new major mario title for it's 30th anniversary shows this. My only hope is that their development teams are already working on major titles for the NX and it will have a greater launch line up. The NX is Nintendo's last chance to keep the majority of their fanbase, people wont tolerate another console similar to the Wii U.



dazza176 commented on Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Champions...:

The 2races that I finished badly in were against a Dutch guy and then a guy from Finland in another race.. People seem to avoid all my items if they're far away from the UK and it's twice as hard to do well against them. Shame there's no option to make the tournament UK only.



dazza176 commented on Play & Win: Join the UK Mario Kart 8 Tournamen...:

i won the last tournament, but only had enough time for a few races this time around, well done to everyone who won

@Bacon_Gal_Blaze Maybe Lucyx had already finished her races and was playing the 'for fun' part when your score doesn't count towards the total? Was it near the end of the tournament? Because if it was that's probably what was happening