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United Kingdom

Thu 31st Jul 2014

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Slytherinx commented on BBC iPlayer Finally Arrives On The Wii U eShop:

@heathenmagic You can turn your gamepad off and use your Wii remote, if you're happy using the d-pad and a/b buttons rather than point control. Which, to be honest, is fine with me. Its a publicly funded free app after all. As long as it functions (mine hasn't crashed yet, touch wood).



Slytherinx commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo New 3DS Ambassador Pro...:

I got the e-mail on 6th Jan. It took me a little while to decide whether I should go for it and could afford it... I know it's a little late, but there's still more than 30 mins to go until the deadline. I followed the link in the e-mail, entered my Club Nintendo details when asked (I only have one Club Nintendo account), and low and behold.. "This Club Nintendo account is not eligible to take part in this promotion". Looks like the changed their minds about me