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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Confirmed for October Release Worldwide

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Paczilla is a thing

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 is proof that, despite the fact it may not have been on most radars or enjoyed glowing reviews, the first entry in the game series was a reasonable success. Its role accompanying the CG animated TV show doesn't do it any harm, either.

Bandai Namco has now pinned down the sequel's release dates for both North America and Europe, with the title hitting the EU first on 3rd October before chomping into the NA market on 14th October. Hi-Res packshots have also been released for the PAL versions, below.

The latest trailer from Comic-Con, below, also shows new playable characters that are joining the roster, in addition to Paczilla; you can guess what the latter is like.

Are you a fan of the TV show or first game and planning to pick this up on Wii U or 3DS? Let us know.

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Megumi said:

...So glad this Pac-Man isn't in Smash, so freaky looking. T.T lol



DiscoGentleman said:

This looks bad... And that character design is atrocious. Nintendo knows what to do with 3rd party IPs better than the 3rd parties.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

I really liked the first one. No, it isn't the greatest game in the world. It is just a nice throwback 3D action game, similar to games from the Nintendo 64 days.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

@ModernMARVEL Not open world, though there are multiple levels open most of the time. There is also an overworked, it is their school.

NL did a review of it, it is very positive. The 3DS and Wii U games are completely different though.



Megumi said:

Yeah this isn't the one used in Smash, lol.

Smash render.
Looks nothing like that...THING in that game.



ultraraichu said:

When I clear up more game backlog, I wiill try out the first. I always wonder how it's like first hand and it's less then $20 so I'm willing to bite that bullet.

If I was 17 years younger, I would be all over the show like I was with mario, kirby, sonic and other videogame cartoons with the same wide eyes and excitement. I miss that childhood innocents and outlook.



rjejr said:

Pac-Man Boom!

I have to say it doesn't look like much graphically but the wide variety of gameplay reminds me a little of W101 for some reason. Certainly a fun looking kids game.

So, anybody else get a sense of dread seeing that Wii U box smack dab between the Xbox360 and PS3 boxes at the end, w/o a PS4 or X1 box in site? Harbinger of things to come me thinks.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

@DiscoGentleman Yep, Nintendo could make Sonic and especially Pac-Man great Platformers. With Sonic Boom looks like Sonic too is fading away.

I guess PAC-man games are really good for kids, I can see them enjoying this but for anyone else this is just bleh...



arnoldlayne83 said:

screw them.... still I don't forget that they delayed project cars after one week they became official distributors



Barbiegurl777 said:

The video is interesting.

Granted I like the original pac-man. But have been curious about the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures series on 3ds for a while. Might pick both up.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Mega719 said:

Still surprised Namco brought this but not that recent Pac-Man collection to these systems.



Xilef said:

@ModestFan93 I believe he has had that design more or less from the begining. Perhaps more in promo artwork and such rather then in-game.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

@rjejr it isn't like W101. Think a little more like Mario 64. You are right about the environments though, they are all very same-y, I get lost a lot of times because I can't tell where I am since everything looks the same. That is really my only complaint. There are dots to guide you a lot of times though.



mr_nihilism said:


No kidding. My head can't make sense of it.

Also, is it just me that thinks the voicework is highly annoying? Maybe it's only because I'm not ten years old.



Hy8ogen said:

This kinda made me feel glad about Capcom not making any Megaman games. What if Megaman suffered the same fate?! NO!



rjejr said:

@Th3PlaidHatter - "it isn't like W101"

Well, I know it isn't like W101, but I went into W101 thinking it would all just be the same open world fighting, but there were a couple of giant robot boxing matches, and a 2D drilling level, and 1 or 2 on rails shooter sections. I'm old enough that when I think Pac-Man I think Pac-Man. I don't know what this is exactly but there are similarities in the look and gameplay in many of the levels.



sinalefa said:

I would like to see more. I did not feel Sonic Lost World was a bad game, so this could be similar.

Oh, Sakurai, add this Pacman as a skin in Smash, to troll people online!



SpookyMeths said:

@Pokefanmum82 My comment was a reply to a comment of his that he has since deleted. It was an @ to Xiao_Pai saying that this design is the one used in Smash.



GloverMist said:

I'd never seen a second of the cartoon before today, and the only thing I can take out of this is that I never want to hear Pac-Man speak ever again. Seriously, Pac-Man, just stick to doing what you do best...



markybbop said:

To be fair the game is obviously aimed at kids, I have no problems with it being released. I won't get it but if my kids were a little older then this would have been ideal



Inkling said:

Pac-Man isn't the most popular and most recognizable game character! If Mario was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse, then Pac-Man isn't that big.

P.S Namco, please stop trying with this Reboot. It isn't going to work.



2Sang said:

Bought the first one for $10 about amonth ago. Probably won't pick this one up unless it's $15 or less.



FJOJR said:

Namco needs to go back to the more traditional PacMan 3D model aka the one Sakurai rightfully chose.



Vasilios said:

I know namco wanted to change things up a bit but... I love the old pacman model but cannot stand the new one.. I loved pacman world 2.. one of the best platformers in my book. but the new pacman and his voice actor just not good



Pac-Fan said:

Say what you guys want,but the music in these games IS lovING AWESOME.
I could listen to the pac-man park remix for hours,and it would just be a great time.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Ralizah said:

First one was a pretty decent platformer. As long as the price is right, I might be up for this.



anthonysea said:

While the first one was decent, i honestly don't get why they thinked that this game needed a sequel. I'll still buy it though



shonenjump86 said:

Man, I just really don't like new video game character designs. Still don't like Sonics new look, and don't like Dante new look in the DMC. Pac Man doesn't help either.



SphericalCrusher said:

I'm a huge Pacman fan. I have not checked out the first game on WiiU, but I heard good things. Heard it was a nice 3D platformer, throwback to N64 era. I am definitely planning on picking it up soon.



OptometristLime said:

I feel that character design can sometimes take a backseat to game play.
Ergo a fun world is one you want to live in and hang out with the game's heroes.

Although the Sonic series says nuuuuuuuuuuu



Intrepid said:

Of all the things Bamco had the ability to bring over, they chose this awful thing. It's things like this that force me to import much more worthy Bandai Namco games, like Girls und Panzer: Senshado Kiwamemasu for Vita. I would have liked an English version of that, but it looks like they have their hands tied with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 instead.



Iggly said:

I think my reaction to how this Pacman looks would be the ghosts on the box art.



Koopa_Bro said:

how atrocious
i usually only play 8 bit pac man the arms legs and facial features really never did it for me



MagicEmperor said:

I like that remix of the "Pac Park" music. Otherwise that's a face that would scatter a haunted mansion.



Alucard83 said:

This game is rated 10+ old? lol I don't see anything wrong with why it would have so high age restriction. I'm sorry but an 8 year old will enjoy this as well and sometimes smarter than a 10 year old. LOL @ todays rating system



Dodger said:

I may have just found a new desktop background. That cover art is gorgeous. Not interested in the game though.

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