Just days ago we outlined key areas and details that can still be revealed in upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcasts this year; there's plenty of ground that the big N can still cover post-E3. Of course, the Nintendo Direct fever is back up and running in Japan already — not only has there already been a Yokai Watch 2 video, but Nintendo has also revealed a full broadcast for Japan on 11th July at 8pm local time.

As you can see in the advert above, the focus of this Direct will be third party games for the 3DS — we can expected to see more of Dragon Quest X, perhaps, and more besides. While it will be focused on the Japanese market anyone will be able to tune in online, of course, so 8pm Japanese time equates to 4am Pacific / 7am Eastern / 12pm UK / 1pm Europe. At the time of writing no equivalent Nintendo Direct has yet been announced for North America and Europe.

Considering recent history of Nintendo working with third parties to localise more games to the West, we'll certainly be tuning in with interest; we'll show the broadcast and live blog, as always, right here on Nintendo Life. Will you be tuning in?

Thanks to Max for the heads up.

[via nintendo.co.jp, neogaf.com]