Yokai Watch 2

Although it's said to be on the way to the West, we're yet to receive firm release details on Yokai Watch, the 3DS title from Level-5 that's enjoying continued success in Japan. That success has certainly been assisted by the accompanying anime series, with the brand as a whole capturing the imagination in Japan; it's likely that the whole franchise, including the TV series, will be localised and brought to the West together.

It's moving ahead quicker in the developer's homeland, however, and Yokai Watch 2 — which will have two versions — arrives on 10th July in Japan. In order to build anticipation Nintendo has released a special Nintendo Direct broadcast for the game, which shows off some new features such as boss fights and additional travel options.

If you can't speak Japanese you may have to settle for watching the excerpts from the game, but you can see it below — let us know what you think.