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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Is Leaping To The Wii U And 3DS "Very Soon"

Posted by Damien McFerran

European release confirmed, too

If you're a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd series then you'll be pleased to know that the interactive spin-off — Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures — is coming to both the Wii U and 3DS "very soon".

Developer FreakZone Games revealed the news at SGC 2014 alongside publisher ScrewAttack and then shared the announcement with a wider audience via the medium of social media:

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a 2D platformer which playfully pokes fun at retro games and is currently available on Steam. It features quite a bit of crude humour and bad language, so it will be interesting to see if Nintendo allows it to hit its consoles with such elements intact. FreakZone confirmed that it would be coming to Nintendo systems over a year ago.

In addition to hitting North America, the developer has also confirmed that the title will be coming to Europe in the future, too:

Have you already played Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures on PC? If so, what did you think? Will you be picking up the title when it hits Nintendo formats?

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User Comments (43)



Artwark said:

This is good news. Now obviously the nerd's gonna play this on Wii U for sure!



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

This is great to hear. I have the game on Steam, but never really had the urge to play it much. Having it on Wii U or 3DS, two things I use more often than Steam, might get me to play it more. It's a quality title with difficulty to match it's retro appearance. Any fans of the AVGN episodes should get a kick out of it especially since it features numerous references to said episodes.



Josaku said:

might pick it up, but the las reviews I saw were a bit negative about this because the game seems to use cheap deaths to hinder your progress, but I don't know if this is good or bad with this game ^^"



Mega719 said:

Don't really get why these articles always question their appearance Nintendo is fine with Mature games



SilentHunter382 said:

I have nothing against the game but I will not get it as I lost interest in James's AVGN character years ago. Seeing this makes me mad at Nintendo for not allowing Binding of Isaac on the 3DS.



3DSfan134 said:

@SilentHunter382 If they didn't wanted Binding of Isaac on 3DS, maybe it was that the game contained references to religion so Nintendo is strict about that. But this game here, it would not contain references to religion but with bad language. Bayonetta 2 was another game that Nintendo approved.

So you might be careful with the Binding of Issac getting approved by Nintendo.



TreesenHauser said:

YES! OH YES! I've been waiting for this to arrive on Wii U since its release. I can't wait to play it. I haven't played on PC yet because all I've got is a laptop that, while capable of playing the game hardware-wise, I can't play any game on here for longer than 10 or so minutes without it overheating and crashing on me.



ChessboardMan said:

They should make it mimic a Virtual Console game on the System menu, with a floating cart and such.



Shambo said:

It's a friggin shark on fire with a friggin angry video game nerd armed with a friggin zapper on it's friggin head. I'm sold.



Culex123 said:

I'm going to get it for the 3DS, mainly so my parents won't see me playing it.



wicked636 said:

Iv ben waiting on this one for a while.I kinda forgot about it its ben so long.But glad they said something about it finaly.



kyuubikid213 said:

Don't know whether to get this on Wii U or 3DS.

To be honest, I hope we get more info on the AVGN Movie soon.



ledreppe said:

I'll wait for a price drop on Steam to hopefully under £5, £6.99 seems a little too much for me and I have £5 Steam credit. Or else the Wii U or 3DS version if they're cheaper (which I highly doubt).



Windy said:

Hold it! That guy just flipped me the finger. Now I'm going to feel bad all day.



KTT said:

Quite good but somewhat hardcore game, haha. Got it on Steam while back.



Ioannis said:

OH MY GOD! YES!!!! I love the AVGN franchise, I actually saw all the episodes and am still currently watching the James and Mike on Mondays episodes too! I think James and co has done something so amazing, and for that I'll be definitely getting this game! SOOOOO can't wait!



Tasuki said:

Will be getting this on 3DS. I try to support James as much as I can he is such a talented guy.



SethNintendo said:

I remember when he first came out on Myspace (yes that long ago). He was the Angry Nintendo Nerd at first and then switched to Angry Video Game Nerd once he started doing videos on other platforms (NES games was the main platform he started doing videos on). I even possibly gave him an idea. I told him he should review Superman 64 and then stick kryptonite up Superman's butt. Turns out he later had a video of him shoving bad Batman games up the Joker's butt.



ElkinFencer10 said:

I"m so hype. I tend to ignore a lot of reviews. After all, the reviews for ZombiU were pretty meh, and I LOVE that game.

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