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"Play Nintendo" Tour Rolling Through the U.S. this Summer

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Play 2DS/3DS games! Sit in Yoshi eggs! Poke Kirby!

To "play Nintendo" was once a phrase attributed to the use of just about any electronic entertainment device. Not so much anymore, with the wider variety of choices out there, but Nintendo is bringing the term back somewhat with a 12-city summer tour.

The Play Nintendo Tour, running from 6th June-1st September, is offering a chance for "kids and kids-at-heart" to sample a selection of Nintendo's portable lineup on 2DS systems:

It looks as if some, if not all, of the games will be presented in their own themed zones. These will include such fun furniture as banana-shaped seats, Yoshi egg chairs, and a giant Pokéball. Fans will also be able to meet figures such as Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Kirby. Please do not attempt to incite them into a spontaneous Smash Bros. match.

Racers will also be able to compete on Mario Kart 7 in the Mario Kart racing area. Winners of qualifying rounds will get a chance to compete on-stage with Mario Kart 8 in full HD, giant-screen glory.

The Play Nintendo Tour is currently scheduled to hit the following cities. The specific locations for all stops have not been determined yet, so keep checking with the event page for updates:

  • 6th-8th June: Los Angeles, California
  • 13th-15th June: Dallas, Texas
  • 20th-22nd June: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 27th-29th June: Chicago, Illinois
  • 4th-6th July: Bloomington, Minnesota
  • 18th-20th July: Seattle, Washington
  • 25th-27th July: Phoenix, Arizona
  • 1st-3rd August: St. Louis, Missouri
  • 8th-10th August: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 15th-17th August: Atlanta, Georgia
  • 22nd-24th August: Houston, Texas
  • 29th August-1st September: Irvine, California

If you live around these areas, do you plan on making a stop to play some Nintendo? Do you dare even play Mario Kart beneath the unyielding stare of Luigi? Let us know.


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mystman12 said:

Well, nothing in my state, but it's not like it really matters anyways, since I already have all the 3DS games I care about ATM. (Except maybe DKCR3D)



User1988 said:

None in Oregon
But since I already have all of those games except Yoshi's Island, it's fine. It would be fun to sit in a Pokeball though...



rjejr said:

As much as I'ld like to join the "Wii U needs this more than 3DS" crowd, b/c, well Wii U does need this more than 3DS, I can understand where Nitneod is going w/ this. The focus on 2DS and "kids and kids-at-heart" is b/c Nitnedo should be deathly afraid of losing the new gamers - lets say kids 2 - 5 - to tablets and smartphones. I've been saying for the past couple of years that Nitnedo should release "app" games to market to these kids but if they dont want to go that route than pushing the 2DS hard at toddlers is their only real alternative. Along w/ Happy Meals, tv programs, and breakfast cereals. Don't laugh, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun is probably as popular w/ kids as Mario and all he ever did was be a breakfast cereal mascot. And Tony the Tiger is great! I think the Kool-Aid man lost it after Jonestown though.

So yeah, roll out the 2DS and the kids games - no fire Emblem or Bravely Default on the list - and help these kids help themselves. At least Nintneod is thinking of the children.



noctowl said:

Awesome, I'll have to check it out if nothing more than street passes and photo ops.



PuppyToucher said:

@rjejr I don't think I have ever seen someone misspell Nintendo that many times. Aside from that I do agree that Nintendo does need to capture the really young gamers more than they currently do.



Peach64 said:

I think this is a smart idea. Yes, the Wii U needs a lot of marketing, but it might be beyond help at this point. They can't throw everything at a platform like that and ignore the 3DS, a platform that's struggling over the last six months or so, but clearly CAN be a success as it's sold very well for the 3 years prior. Their handheld division might be what keeps them afloat for the next 3 years, so they have to take good care of it.



rjejr said:

@PuppyToucher - I always misspell Nintendo. Sometimes I spellcheck it, sometimes I don't, but I always misspell it. Spellcheck usually brings back Nitrate so I have to do it by hand, it's a pain.



rjejr said:

@TimLatshaw - There's something so inherently disturbing about that image I feel certain it's going to show up in a Miley Cyrus video.



VIIIAxel said:

And, as usual, nothing in my state. It's disappointing that we never get any events like this where I live, I would have loved to go and be a part of this.



LordGeovanni said:

How in the world is there nothing close to me? I am right in between Philadelphia, New York City, and Atlantic City. This is just disappointing.



PsychoticRanboo said:

What about Canada? And seriously, why not Wii U games? That's the system they should be showing off, it's so much fun and not many people know it!



Mega719 said:

Awww no where near me i may have all these games but still sounds like a fun event. Smash Fest for me



jjmesa16 said:

We'll looks like I'll be skipping out on the Nintendo Tour again this summer since the closest one is nearly 10 hours away. Too bad there are no Wii U games, let alone E3 demos. Come on Nintendo! Super Mario 3D Land came out 2 1/2 years ago. Why not show off a newer game like Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS (they could make a demo version)?! Heck, even New Super Mario Bros. 2 is newer.



DBPirate said:

Strange how there's no Wii U games. If I was a worker at Nintendo, that's the console I would've chosen. Though I assume they have their reasons.



DerpSandwich said:

It stinks how everything comes to California but I live pretty much as far away from where the stuff ends up as possible. I'm a nine-hour drive from LA.

(But it also doesn't stink living here, because I find Southern California to be entirely awful.)



ElliotVA said:

OK I see why they are showing 2DS games, but why not Wii U as well? They are trying to appeal to the next generation with the 2DS, but if they are going to this much trouble for the tour, wouldn't it be beneficial to also include Wii U games (besides Mario Kart 8)?



TruenoGT said:

Killer streetpass op, but I won't be able to make it to my closest opportunity during it's timeslot.



KKSlider said:

No Wii U because Nintendo is dumping Wii U after 2014 and going with new system that actually sells. I'd also like an event in my area. Come on players!



Whopper744 said:

I wonder if Nintendo knows that West Virginia is a state. I'm honestly starting to think they don't.



Iggly said:

@MagikarpSplash I hope you weren't being serious since that would not really help Nintendo, it would create a huge fuss for everybody.

I wish these kind of events would occur at Canada more frequently, though Smash Fest will be available at a place near me so I'm not complaining.



argh4430 said:

I live close to one of the cities, so I may go to it for a little while. I hope the admission charge (if one, though i'm sure of it) will be reasonable.



Andremario said:

I'm not too far from the chicago , iilinois location but if it's closer south to me then that'll be a plus. I'm gonna try to attend.



DerpSandwich said:

@Kobeskillz I can't stand the traffic, as you said, and the desert and the terrible water and just the huge grossness of so much city... But to each his own, I guess. There's a lot of great stuff there too. I'm up in Redding, I gotta have mah trees.



WebHead said:

Pretty cool. And yeah Wii u needs more help but Nintendo has to still focus stuff on 3ds too. Besides Wii u will be front and center at e3.



LawRulesALL said:

lol you guys think it's bad to go on a trip of 2-3h from cities. If I wanted to attend at any of of those I would have to make a trip of a lot of days by car or spend more to go by plane. I live in Brazil hehe

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