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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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PsychoticRanboo commented on Nintendo 64x64: Donkey Kong 64:

I honestly think this game is better than any Banjo game. This game was honest and true my childhood, and if I'm nostalgia-blind, so be it, but god dammit this game was fantastic. I just thought that this game did a better job of creating an atmosphere, and really, isn't that all it's really about?

For the record, yes I know it's about gameplay and lots of other things but this game looked and played fantastically. Except for that stupid Beaver Bother game, that can go rot.



PsychoticRanboo commented on Activision Is Bringing The Dulcet Tones Of The...:

Let's be honest: Do we really want or need another Karaoke game for this system? I say no. Granted I'm not the biggest Activision fan to begin with, but seriously, go take your reality show knock-off game to another console and bring us some of the other games you've been holding out on us on.