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Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Confirmed for Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There's a new trailer to prove it

Not long ago we reported on a rating — which was quickly taken down — that appeared to show that Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition is coming to the Wii U and 3DS; as it's one of the most iconic games of the '90s, that was pleasing news for some of us with long memories.

At the time publisher The Digital Lounge went for the nod and wink approach, essentially confirming the news without making a formal announcement. There was an air of inevitability about it, however, as the title has recent been ported to smart devices and PC in its enhanced form. A new trailer released today confirms the release, however, with a host of platforms including Wii U and 3DS shown for the anniversary edition.

It'll apparently be "available soon" and it'll likely be an eShop title. You can see the brief teaser trailer below — are you excited about this?

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Bizzyb said:

Definitely looking forward to this one. I heard the Flashback remake didn't turn out so well. Hopefully this one fares better



Shiryu said:

Quite looking forward to this. I am especially curious to see how or if they used the 3D stereoscopic effect at all on the 3DS.



NImH said:

I loved Flashback, but never actually played this... I'm assuming they're similar? Am I wrong?



bofis said:

Sounds great, would love to see how it looks in HD on the WiiU since they redid the graphics a bit. Never played the original so have been following this remake.



retro_player_22 said:

I already got like five versions of this game already on my old systems so yeah I'll take a pass on this one.



TruenoGT said:

I think they misspelled "Out of this World". If they make the 3DS version in 3D, I'll definitely consider checking it out... Never was able to beat it back in the day.



jdarrell said:

@NImH Flashback is relatively smooth. Another World/Out of this World is a nice minimal adventure, but expect short and bizarre gameplay.



GraveLordXD said:

@NImH I honestly thought they were the same game now I'm confused about which one I played or did I play them both back in the day ? :/



Mega719 said:

For a game that looks like this may prefer the 3DS version unless they have a convincing selling point for Wii U



vonseux said:

this game is timeless!! will get on wii-u (omg HD graphics) if theres some new interface or content.

os** the 3DO version has prettier background tough



rushiosan said:

Depends what new features (unlockables etc) this game offers and how much it costs on e-shop. I already have it on Android. If we're getting the very same version, then it's a pass.



mamp said:

Is this the same game that guy from that one Japanese show was playing. He made it seem so fun. Or maybe he was just so much fun I was fooled into thinking the games was fun. IDK the show my friend watches it though. Arino was his name I think.



Discostew said:

When people talk about games ported the most, two come to mind. Lemmings, and this.

Played and beat it on the SNES long ago. Would like to see how this looks on the 3DS if they incorporate stereoscopic 3D.



Maelstrom said:

I hadn't heard of this game until last week. It looked fun, but very graphicly dated. This is incredible news for me.



Hordak said:

I absolutely loved Out of this World. I had it on PC (with that stupid code wheel) and only ever beat it on SNES. This is an instant download for me on Wii U, and possibly 3DS and/or Vita. People complaining about the visuals are going to miss out on an unbelievably epic mood, story, etc. this game was truly amazing in its day and it still feels the same to me now.



Technosphile said:

Its the same game with slight graphical improvements. So I think it is cool, but Another World can be beaten in 17 minutes, so it better be cheap.

That Flashback remake was abysmal and insulting. Way to ruin a legendary game, Ubisoft.



rixard said:

One of my favorite Amiga-games of all time. I used to play this so much back in the day. Recently I have been playing the enhanced version for my iphone/ipad and it looks stunning with the graphical overhaul BUT the controls are sluggish. So I applaud porting this to consoles with real buttons. I will probably get the Wii U version over the 3DS. In the smartphone-version you could swipe between the original gfx and the enhanced.

Some said you can rush through the game rather quickly, which is true, but it won't happen on your first playthrough of it. It really is a step into Another World.



ledreppe said:

It would have to be a new adventure for me to play it again, as much as I loved the original.



chibichibi said:

They should remake games more often I think. We can go back and watch films from the 30's but it's hard to go back and play games from 20 years ago or older. Even when it's technically possible it's often not a great experience. Older games were designed to be played on CRT TV's and they don't look as good on HD monitors.

@Discostew How could you forget Prince of Persia?



daniruy said:

I played this gorgeous version on my iPad, thinking: "If only it was on 3DS the controls would be so much better."

Thanks Quantum Physics. I thought and you happened.



TheRealThanos said:

@Bizzyb That's a completely different story: Flashback was completely remade from the ground up with the Unreal engine (it is sort of okayish in it's own right, I have it on PC, but it is indeed not a game that I would label as being very good) and this version of Another World is just slightly touched up with some more colors, slightly upgraded resolution and remastered sound. Besides that it is still very much the exact same game. I have the 15th anniversary on PC and from what I have seen, this 20th anniversary version is almost exactly the same. The PC version even let's you choose between the original or the high resolution version.
To give you some idea of the graphical difference, move the mouse over the picture with the car near the bottom of this page:
Here you can even download and try the official demo for PC:
(download link right beneath the picture of the main character standing on the cliff)
Or watch a clip of the upgraded version:
It clearly shows it is still very much the same game, and not in the same vein as the "new" Flashback:
@chibichibi I play my NES, SNES, Megadrive and N64 games on a 42" HD plasma screen and enjoy the hell out of it, so that is probably more your personal sentiment. Either that or we differ in how we appreciate older games. I do so very much and after a few minutes I'm back in my time machine and forget all about the fact that the game is displayed on a WAY better screen and just enjoy the game like I always used to when I was a kid. Maybe there's even an age difference at play here, that makes me appreciate things from my youth more than someone who is not as old as me. Just for a frame of reference: I'm 44yo and I played all these games and systems at the actual time they came out, not years and years later, like some of the younger "retro gamers" do, who just buy a 16 bit system 10 years after the fact to play a back catalog of games. No offense though, just my two cents.



TheRealThanos said:

@Bizzyb Well, you can get it for a reasonable price on Steam for PC or on Xbox Live or Playstation Network. And like I said before: as long as you don't compare it exactly to the original it is still fairly entertaining, so for the right price it can still be worth purchasing. I've already had it for quite some time now, so I can't remember what I paid exactly. Either way, there will probably be a demo on all of these platforms for you to try before you buy.



MeloMan said:

I only sampled this game and I never got around to putting in serious time, but I do remember Out of This World. I liked the style of game how it doesn't hold your hand and you simply get dropped into this world and must figure everything out.

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